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Antec's Intellectual Property


Below is a copy of a letter being sent out from Antec's attorneys dated April 1st, regarding their assertions that fans with LEDs are their intellectual property.  The person's name who this was addressed to and subsequently forwarded it to us, has been edited out at their request.  All I can say is it looks like this is going to be a mess.  Aside from everyone and their mother making these fans now, what are online and bricks and mortar retailers supposed to do with any stocks they may have of non-Antec LED fans?  The funny thing is if they are pushing this, how long until the whole Antec/Chieftec/Chenming Dragon style case that they all make gets brought into things?

April 1, 2004


E-mail addresses Edited

Re: LED FAN, Antec 6,679,771 Patent

Dear Edited:

Antec greatly appreciates your business and is sending this letter to our retail and distribution customers to address the recent injection of LED fans into the market from other manufacturers.

Antec takes a very strong proprietary position towards its intellectual property, which directly benefits you as a reseller. Antec products have attained a standard of quality that is associated with its name. Antec sells products that have been patented in the United States, which provide certain protections for Antec and its authorized resellers.

Antec has recently become aware of the sale of LED fans by other manufacturers that appear to infringe on Antec’s 6,679,771 (herein after "the ‘771") patent entitled, "Cooling fan with light-emitting device." The ‘771 patent was issued to Antec on January 20, 2004. Please follow this link to view a copy of the ‘771 patent:

Patent Link

Antec requests that you report any LED fans that you become aware of that appear to be substantially similar to the product line Antec sells and to which we have obtained a patent. Furthermore, Antec would appreciate your efforts in preventing further sales of these fans should you have innocently sold such fans without knowledge of the recent patent issuance.

Should you have any questions regarding Antec's concerns in this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Scott Richards

Worldwide Vice President

Sales and Marketing



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