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by Dean Barker  (9/30/2001)


So you got your kick ass video card; you can now snub your nose at the sub 1GHz kids, and have a great case to boot.  What more could you want since it seems everything is copasetic?  There is no point of neutrality or homeostasis for those of us with the tinkering gene in our bodies.  So, your case looks great?  Well it can look better.  Lock the door, plug in your Dremel, and letís get creative.

Not too long ago we had the pleasure of doing a review on the Cooler Guys new all aluminum case, the Silver Pro Gamer.  After I won the free for all of ownership, between Jason and Bobby (who are both recovering nicely), it was time for some personal touches.  We took several things down off the parts shelf and made a few calls so we could have everything we needed to really dress up this box.

Phase 1: Window

Manufacturer: The Cooler Guys
Supplied by: The Cooler Guys
Price: $22.95

Nothing says Iím hip like a case window.  The Cooler Guys Coolview window kit is straightforward and easy to install (after you take a Dremel to your box.)  Remember, measure twice three times, cut once.  After you have cut a pre-measured square out you need to drill out eight mounting holes.  The window is then held in place by eight small sleeves.  Fit the frame pieces on top and lock them down with Allen bolts. 


Phase 2: Window Etches

Manufacturer: LoVerme Cases
Supplied by: LoVerme Cases
Price: Varies pending on etch

The window is hip but a little drab.  Good thing LoVerme Cases was on time with some window etchings.  They have a bunch to choose from off their site but we settled on the AMD logo and a vanity name etching.  Installation was as easy as measuring out where to put the etchings so they would be perfect, then just peel and stick.  Very clean work by Chris LoVerme on these.


Phase 3: Rounded Cables

Supplied by: Sidewinder Computers
Price: 24" IDE Cable - $12.50 
18" IDE Cable - $12.00
Single connector Floppy Cable - $11.00

What case would be complete without rounded cables?  Thanks again go out to Sidewinder Computers for supplying us a full set of lines.  What better to offset the Acid Green?  Why yellow of course.  Several colors and lengths are available to handle even the tower case folks of the most discriminating nature.  Installation?  Make sure you know which is pin one and youíre set. 

Phase 4: Neon baby!

Manufacturer: Tweakmonster
Supplied by: Sidewinder Computers
Price: $50.95

Neon is all the rage right now and we didnít want to miss the boat on the hippest new neon lighting system.  Tweakmonsterís Neon Light Strip is a 60-inch piece of tape (you heard me right) with two tiny neon filaments running the length of it.  The light strip attaches to a small power adapter that hooks into your power supply via a four-pin Molex connector.  What makes these light strips so trick is that you can cut the strip to any length you want and if you want, crimp in another section with the enclosed connectors.  No more Velcro swatches all over or large neon tube to worry about coming off and banging around if you take your box to a LAN party or something.  Installation consisted of plugging in the power converter and peeling the tape backing off.  This stuff is about twice as expensive as the average neon case lighting but given its weight and ease as installing (taping) in tight places, it is worth every penny.  Check out the selection of colors Gary at Sidewinder Computers has in stock.  Acid Green happened to be the flavor of the week with us.







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by Navin Amarasuriya

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