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Asus V9280/TD GF4 Ti4200 8x

Manufacturer: Asus
Supplied By: Dean (He burned mine up in a mod.)
Street Price: ~$140.00

by Brian Tiller (4/29/2003)


I got a new video card, I got a new video card....Nah-nah!! Just kidding, but once again the staff here at Overclocker Cafe' is on the hunt for some bargain priced performance. With the high price of ATi's and nVidia's flagship video cards the average Joe just can't afford to rush right out and plop down $400 to get that performance. So in comes our hunt for the bargain cards. Previously, we have reviewed several Ti4200 series cards and have been very impressed with their performance and price. But so far, all the ones we have looked at have been the 64MB versions. Now we are setting our sights slightly higher. Still believing that the Ti4200 series of cards are great performers at good prices, we will now be taking our first look at a 4200 with 128MB of memory. Today we'll be looking at Asus' offering in this arena, the V9280/TD. Asus offers this card in three different versions.  Here is a cut and paste explanation of the differences as ripped from the ASUS site.

  • V9280/S: Enhanced by high-speed circuit design and memory support, the V9280S enables 20% or faster memory clock when compared to the other GeForce4 Ti4200-8X graphics cards. Its performance also surpasses those of GeForce4 Ti4400 solutions and is almost comparable to those of GeForce4 Ti4600-based cards. The V9280S comes with a high-quality cooling system equipped with a thick copper heatsink, a 3-fin fan, two standalone memory heatsinks and a broad backboard heatsink, allowing stability even on high clock rates. Combined with comprehensive features such as TV-out, Video-in and DVI connector, the V9280S is an excellent choice for graphics enthusiasts.

  • V9280/VS: The V9280 VideoSuite is the flagship of the all-new V9280 series. Supporting the ASUS Smart Cooling Technology, the V9280 VideoSuite ensures a quiet and cool computing environment. The advanced innovation intelligently adjusts fan speeds according to GPU temperature, meaning the fan is running quieter when system loading is light. Furthermore, with a dual-DVI connector design and two DVI-to-VGA adaptors for diversified display connectivity, and a rich-array of features such as TV-out, Video-in and more, the V9280 VideoSuite is a total 3D solution.

  • V9280/TD: Equipped with NVIDIA’s GeForce4 Ti4200-8X chipset, the V9280/TD is capable of driving more complex animations. With its advanced nfiniteFX II Engine and superior Accuview Antialiasing technologies, the V9280/TD provides a radically improved graphics environment complete with state-of-the-art visual effects and the most life-like images ever seen on desktop PCs. Combined with multiple features of video options such as VGA, TV-out and DVI connector, the V9280/TD is an excellent choice for graphics enthusiasts.

Our card is the TD version which is the least expensive of the line. Even without looking at the specifications of the card, the description sounds pretty good. But let's look at the specs anyway.


  • nVidia NV28 GPU

  • 3.6ns 128 MB DDR

  • Core Clock Speed at 250MHz

  • Memory Clock Speed at 550Mhz

  • AGP 8x support with bandwidth of 2.1GB/sec

  • Memory Bandwidth at 8.0GB/sec

  • Dual monitor support

  • DVI interface

  • TV-Out

  • 113 million Vertices /sec

  • 1.03 trillion operations /sec

  • RAMDAC 350 MHz




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by Navin Amarasuriya

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