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Chaintech A-GX20 GeForce4 Ti4200 - 64mb

Manufacturer: Chaintech USA
Supplied by:
Chaintech USA
Street Price: ~$1

by Dean Barker  (2/7/2003)


A few weeks ago we took ABIT and the BFG’s respective 64mb GF4 Ti-4200 VGA products for a lap around the track.  Both cards proved to be excellent performers and represented a fantastic bang for the buck.  This is because with new VGA products on the horizon, venders and retailers need to start unloading today’s (soon to be yesterday’s) high tech products.  Here we start to see some items whose performance is very high with a price low enough that we have a variety of choices.  Of course, this is only for those of us who don’t have an extra 400 clams set aside for a video card upgrade.

Chaintech has long been known as a performance oriented mainboard and VGA card maker.  Today, we are fortunate enough to have their A-GX20 Ti-4200 card that is AGP 8x compliant on the bench.  As with our other Ti-4200 reviews, if you want details on the technology, stop reading now because its not here.  If you want some real world numbers to help you decide if a Ti-4200 and more importantly which one, is in your future, let’s press on. 

Given that the Chaintech card is based on the same chipset as our other Ti-4200 reviews, with the exception of it being capable of AGP 8x, we expect the performance to be almost identical between the cards.  Where this leaves us is, to properly make an informed decision on a Ti-4200 card it boils down to performance, overclockability, price, and features, in that order (in my world anyway.)  Let's look at the white papers.


• Controller: NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200
• Bus Type AGP
• Memory: 64MB DDR
• Core Clock 250MHz
• Memory Clock 512MHz DDR memory
• RAMDAC Dual 350MHz
• Connectors: VGA
• 1.03 trillion operations/sec.
• 113 million vertices/sec setup
• 8.1GB/second memory bandwidth

Features at a Glance

• AGP 8x compatible
• 8 texels per clock cycle
• nView Display Technology
• Cube environment mapping
• Dual Programmable Vertex Shaders
• Advanced Programmable Pixel Shaders
• 32-bit color with 32-bit Z/ stencil buffer
• Multibuffering (2x, 3x, 4x) for smooth animation and video playback 
• Lightspeed Memory Architecture™ II technology
• Unified Driver Architecture (UDA)
• Accuview ™ Antialiasing Engine



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by Navin Amarasuriya

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