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HIS Radeon HD5770 / HIS HD4890

Manufacturer: Hightech Information System
Supplied by:
Hightech Information System
Street Price: $175 / $185

by Dean Barker  (12/31/2009)



ATi certainly hit one out of the park with the HD5800 series.  The HD5870 and HD5850 cards both have placed ATi firmly in the drivers seat for the high and upper mid range graphics card market.  The real battle rests however in the $200 price segment.  As you know, more persons than not, READ about the $400 cards but spend their money on the more affordable $200 cards.  As we have seen over the past few years, the graphics bar has been raised so high that even the low end cards pack a moderate punch.  The midrange cards pack even more and as such battle hard and heavy to claim the best bang for the buck in this category.

HIS has two different products doing battle for the midrange title, the HD 5770 and the HD 4890.  Both of these cards bring features and performance to the table to keep 99% of the masses fragging away.  It occurred to us that a direct comparison between these two products was called for.  HIS, always quick to put their money where their mouth is with their products, has sent over the new HD 5770 and the HD 4890 iCooler x4 cards.  Each card has strengths over the other.  Some of those strengths may be the deciding choice if you are looking to upgrade so that's what we want to point out here.  Be clear though, both of these cards are top quality units and there isn't any "loser" between the two; just which offers what features for now and its lifespan.  Thanks go out to the great folks at HIS for sponsoring this review.  Let's get started by looking at each card by itself.  First up is the HD 5770.

HD 5770 Specifications

  • Graphics Engine: ATi Radeon HD5770 (Juniper)

  • Interface: PCI-Express 2.0

  • Engine Clock:  850MHz

  • Memory Clock: 4800MHz

  • Stream Processors: 800

  • Texture Units: 40

  • Texture Fill Rate:  34 GTexel/sec

  • Pixel Fill Rate:  13.6 GPixel/sec

  • Computing Power:  1.36 TFLOPs

  • Memory Type/Size: GDDR5/1GB

  • Memory Interface: 128-bit

  • Max Resolution: 2560x1600 in up to three displays

  • VGA Output: Yes with adapter

  • DVI: Two ports

  • Display port

  • HDMI: Yes

  • CrossfireX support

  • Maximum Power Draw: 108 watts

  • Idle Power Draw: 18 watts

Something of note about the HD 5770 aka Juniper card is that it shares the same advanced features as the HD 5870 Cypress to include ATI Eyefinity, ATi Stream and full support for DirectX 11.  With these features being so new let's take a second to explain them.  ATi Eyefinity is the expanding of your viewing area over up to three displays to provide a wrap around experience. Total immersion in a game with three monitors will give a wrap around "in it" feel like nothing else.  This technology with productivity or entertainment applications offers every bit the same tantalizing feeling.

The second big technology development with the HD 5800 series is ATi's Stream Technology.  Stream Technology enables the ATi GPU on the HD 5800 card to work in conjunction with the CPU.  This tandem balance of computing power is able to accelerate applications other than just graphics.  The result is a more balanced machine that raises the bar in efficiency and computing power.

The final big advance offered by the HD 5800 is the card offering full DirectX 11 support for use with Windows 7.  While NVidia is still tweaking with DirectX 10.1; ATi has taken it to the next level.  As more and more titles become available, the HD5800 will become even more desirable in its blending of DirectX 11 and ATi's Eyefinity for some unforgettable gaming.  The mantra of "The game has changed" could not be closer to the truth.

What you get

As with the higher end HD 5800 cards, the HIS HD 5770 includes in a downloadable copy of Colin McRae's Dirt 2.  Dirt 2 is one of the first Direct X11 games on the market for anyone running Windows 7 and looking to get some graphical groove on.  Also in the box with the HD 5770 is DVI to VGA adapter, a Crossfire bridge cable, 4-pin Molex to 6-pin PCI-E power adapter as well as a driver disc, manual and HIS case badge.




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