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HIS HD 6570 Silence VGA Card

Manufacturer: Hightech Information System
Supplied by:
Hightech Information System
Street Price: $74

by Dean Barker  (7/18/2011)


For anyone who has ever built a small home theater PC, you will recognize the thought of "what VGA card do I have laying around I can put in this thing?"  It's a common thought but not exactly what the doctor ordered.  To be a good VGA card for this type of system, it needs to be quiet, have low power consumption, be small, offer current performance technology while not being too pricy.  Let's face it, with AMD's Eyefinity multi-monitor technology what HTPC builder would not want this in their machine.  HIS, long known for performance factory tweaking shows that they recognize consumer necessity is the mother of invention; particularly that of their innovation.  Enter the HIS HD 6570 Silence; a passively cooled VGA solution bringing AMD App Acceleration, HD3D Technology and AMD Eyefinity capability to the table for 75 clams.  Let's jump right in with HIS's quiet performance card and see what's what.


  • Graphics Engine: AMD HD 5670

  • Interface: PCI Express

  • Engine Clock: 650MHz

  • Memory Clock: 4.0 Gbps

  • Memory Type/Size: GDDR5/1GB

  • Memory Interface: 128-bit

  • Max Resolution: 2560x1600

  • VGA: Yes with adapter (not included)

  • HDMI: Yes

  • DVI: Yes

  • Display Port: Yes

  • Crossfire Support: Yes


  • Microsoft DirectX 11 support for the HD 6x series means that the latest games with realistic lighting and lifelike imagery will look exactly the way the game designers envisioned.

  • AMD Eyefinity: How does making your display stretch out across four monitors grab you.  Weather for gaming or productivity, surround view is the only way to fly.

  • AMD HD3D Technology: Stereo 3D display/glasses support in addition to Stereo 3D gaming and Blu-ray 3D builds in technology and longevity for the card's performance and usability.

  • AMD App Acceleration Technology: Shifting some of the demanding processing demands from the CPU to the GPU improves video playback performance while freeing up resources for other tasks.

What you get

The HIS HD 6570 Silence package is very Spartan.  Aside from the card, we have a driver/utility CD, a HIS case badge and an installation manual.  No extra power cables needed as this is a low draw unit.  I was a bit surprised initially to not see the obligatory DVI to VGA adapter.  After considering for a few minutes, this is not a card that would be connected up to a VGA display.  Remember HTPC focus here.





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