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HIS HD 6800 Radeon Line Up

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been updated with Black Ops but remains a fantastic game with DirectX 9 eye candy and visual effects to stun any gamer and any video card to the test.  We chose a the snow urban map with a sniper position (except armed with a chain gun) to see how our 6800 cards can handle the physics of 600 rounds a minute plus weather.



  HIS 6870 Turbo HIS 6850 Turbo HIS 6850 HIS 5870
Min 57 52 64 72
Max 249 164 142 185
Avg 100 89 87 121

Again, nice scaling and very respectable results across the board here.  Let's move on to our last title.

Need for Speed: Shift

NFS: Shift provides more great DirectX 9 scenery and visuals from around the world in a choice of vehicles.  As I have in the past, this test is played out on Laguna Seca (I had the opportunity to have run track myself twenty years ago on a Kawasaki 600 Ninja.)  Below you can see that again, we have the graphics turned up big time.  What I like about racing games like this is they show a smoother and more linear benchmark in pixel pushing power of our test products.


  HIS 6870 Turbo HIS 6850 Turbo HIS 6850 HIS 5870
Min 70 60 56 81
Max 91 78 74 105
Avg 80 69 65 94

As I said earlier, I prefer race games for video card performance testing as the efficiency from a standpoint triangle generating power is clearly visible in graphs.  We yet to have any of our cards show any lag or performance issues in any way.

3DMark 2011

Futuremark has released their newest edition of the 3DMark graphics benchmarking software in 3DMark 2011.  This latest edition is specifically designed to test DirectX11 performance.  While we aren't going to get all into the breakdown of our results, here's the overall numbers returned from each test product.

Our high end 5870 packs more horsepower than the "mid-range" 6870, however we see how the latest generation is handling DirectX 11 more efficiently and thus closing the gap.

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