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H.I.S. Radeon X800XL IceQ

Manufacturer: Hightech Information Systems
Supplied by: Hightech Information Systems
Estimated Price: $300

by Brian Tiller (4/06/2005)


ATi's lineup of the X8xx series cards have been very well received. Their performance with the latest games, even the most graphic intensive ones, has been exceptional. The price tag of the higher end cards, the X850's, have been a bit out of reach for the average Joe. Even with their stellar performance, not many people are going to plop down $500, $600, or even $700 solely for a video card. Enter the X800XL chipset. Designed to more or less compete with nVidia's 6800GT series, the cost of the X800XL's is more in line with what is affordable, somewhere in the market of $300 smackers. Hightech Information Systems has been producing the entire lineup of ATi based cards for several years now and has earned themselves a solid reputation. We have seen this in the past firsthand with our reviews of their X700 Pro IceQ and X850XT's recently.

Today we have their X800XL card, complete with their signature IceQ cooler. Built around a 110nm manufacturing process, the X800XL has all 16 pipelines of pixel pumping power that the X850's but at a lower clock speed. Before I ramble on too much, let's just go through the specifications of the card.


  • GPU: ATi R430

  • Core speed: 400MHz

  • Memory: 256MB GDDR2

  • Memory Speed: 980MHz

  • Dual Integrated Display Controllers

  • 16 Parallel pixel pipelines

  • 6 Vertex shader engines

  • Smartshader HD

  • Smoothvision HD

  • 400MHz Dual integrated RAMDACs

  • PCI-Express Bus Interface

  • TV-Out

  • Video In

  • iTurbo Function

What you get:

Like both the X700 Pro and X850XT that we have reviewed, the X800XL comes with HIS' own overclocking software, the iTurbo. In addition to that, our sample came with drivers and a bonus CD containing Power Director 3, Dungeon Siege, Power2Go 4, 3D Album PicturePro, as well as several trial programs which you might enjoy.

Also included of course, are the the cables; S-Video, Composite and HDTV cables for you guys with those kick but TVs. They also included an extra expansion card cover for your case to help ventilate the air from their IceQ cooler. 



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