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Inno3D Tornado GeForce FX 5700 Ultra - 128mb

Manufacturer: InnoVision
Supplied by:
Estimated Street Price: $175

by Dean Barker  (1/26/2004)


Over the past couple of months we have been reviewing an increasing number of video cards.  Both the GeForce 5950 Ultra and the Radeon 9800XT are must have hardware upgrades provided of course, your pocketbook can handle it.  For the vast majority of us, dropping five bills on a VGA card simply isn't an option.  This is the reason for the midrange graphics card push by all the big names.  And why not?  For less than $200 you can have high end performance that will give you VERY playable frame rates.  When you get down to brass tacks, that really is what it's all about.

Today we have the Inno3D Tornado GeForce 5700 Ultra which is aimed squarely at this mid range price/performance class.  The technology behind the 5700 Ultra is that it is the replacement for the dating 5600 Ultra.  Packing 475MHz at the core and 900MHz on the memory on the reference design, which by the way is DDR-II; we see a nice improvement over the previous 5600 Ultra's 400MHz/800MHz on its core and memory respectively.  Reminding you also that the 5600 Ultra ran the standard DDR.  Let's take a look at the specs of this bad boy.


• Powered by NVidia GeForce FX 5700 Ultra GPU (NV36)
• Available in 128mb and 256mb DDR-II Memory configuration
• 256 bit graphics core and 128 bit memory interface
• 0.13 Micron Process Technology
• Core clock speed of 475MHz
• Memory clock speed of 906MHz
• CineFX™ 2.0 engine
• NVidia UltraShadow™ Technology
• NVidia Intellisample™ high resolution compression technology (HCT)
• True 128-bit studio-precision computation
• Advanced pixel shaders
• Supports shading language for Cg and HLSL
• AGP 8X -2.1GB/s bandwidth to system
• NVidia's nView™ multi-display technology
• Digital Vibrance Control (DVC) 3.0
• Dual 400MHz RAMDACs support 2048x1536 resolution at 85MHz
• 4 Pixels/Clock Rendering Pipeline
• 64-phase Video Scaler
• DVI output up to 1600x1200
• Integrated NTSC & PAL TV encoder up to 1024x768 resolution
• Integrated hardware MPEG-2 decoder
• NVidia® Unified Driver Architecture (UDA)
• Microsoft® DirectX® 9 Optimizations and Support
• OpenGL® 1.5 Optimizations and Support



Pg. 1 - Introduction
Pg. 2 - The Card
Pg. 3 - In action / UT2003 (Speed)
Pg. 4 - UT2003 (Quality) / Serious Sam: TSE (Speed/Quality)
Pg. 5 - Code Creatures, Aquamark 3 and Overclocking
Pg. 6 - Conclusion


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