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A-Top XPlode Gaming Case

Manufacturer: A-Top Technology
Supplied by: A-Top Technology
Street Price: $69

by Dean Barker (4/01/2005)


The bar for the sub $75 case market keeps being raised higher and higher.  A-Top Technology, which many of you will recognize as the maker of the Z-Alien and X-Blade cases, has released another high flash, low cost chassis they have styled the XPlode.  The A-Top XPlode endeavors to keep costs down with a steel frame, weight down with a compact size, features maxed with lots of ventilation and includes a power supply to make the case attractive to a broad spectrum of buyers.  It's hard not to recognize A-Top for making high end affordable featured products available to the masses of us average users (aka working stiffs.)  Today, thanks to the A-Top folks we have an opportunity to check out the XPlode and see what it brings to the table.  Let's glance at the white paper before we take a closer look.


  • Observed Dimensions: 480 x 200 x 435mm

  • Observed Weight: 7 kg (w/PSU)

  • Construction: Steel

  • Drive Bays: Four exposed 5.25" bays
                    Two exposed 3.5" bays (One used by thermal display)
                    Four hidden 3.5" bays

  • Cooling: Front 80mm blue LED fan (included); rear fan mounting area can accept 80, 90 or 120mm fan

  • Side Mounted Ports: USB 2.0 x 2, Line out/Mic

  • Available Colors: Standard colors - Silver, blue, red and yellow / Special order custom paint job available in unlimited colors

  • Expansion slots: Seven

  • Motherboard Type: ATX, Micro ATX

  • Power Supply: 400w PSU included

  • Optional: 450 or 500w X-Blade signature LED PSU available

  • Window: Yes - grill type screen, not acrylic pane

The Box

The A-Top XPlode is offered in three basic color schemes of red, silver, blue and yellow.  Our blue review unit's paint job was first rate.  A-Top's website states the case comes with a "car paint finish."  I can tell you from first hand experience, they mean that.  Another very interesting thing about the XPlode's color offerings is that A-Top can take custom orders for a case to be colored to suit your mood or fancy.  The design we see is reminiscent of the Chenbro case introduced a couple of years ago.  The colored design is about the only thing the XPlode shares with the Chenbro.



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