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Cooler Master 922 HAF Case

Manufacturer: Cooler Master
Supplied by: Cooler Master
Street Price: $99

by Dean Barker (10/25/2009)


Cooler Master's 922 HAF case is a smaller sized take on their successful 932 tower unit complete with the same High Air Flow characteristics. One look at the 922 HAF and you immediately see what I'm talking about. A top mounted 200mm fan along with another 200mm front intake fan couple with grating on the left side panel for an optional third 200mm fan show the end user that Cooler Master isn't kidding around when they say HAF (High Air Flow) Line. This case isn't entirely about air flow, as you will see a number of very desirable features we've seen on the Cooler Master Scout and Cooler Master Sniper cases are also present. Today, we have a sample of Cooler Master's 922 Case for a look around. Let's jump right in.


  • Observed Dimensions: 572 x 248 x 495mm

  • Observed Weight: 9.5kg

  • Material: SECC Steel

  • (5) 5.25" Exposed Bays (One convertible to 3.5")

  • (5) 3.5" Bays (Hidden)

  • Expansion slots: 7

  • M/B Type: ATX, Micro ATX

  • Cooling: Front 200mm Red LED fan included; Top 200mm fan included; Rear 120mm fan included; Expansion space allowing for addition of 140mm or 120mm bottom mounted fan and a 200mm side mount (neither included).

  • I/O Panel: USB 2.0 x 2; eSATA x 1; HD AC97 Audio Out x 1; Mic Jack x 1

  • Available Colors: Black

Hungarian Air Force?

No, HAF doesn't stand for Hungarian Air Force, it means High Air Flow. As we take our first look at the Cooler Master 922 Case you can immediately see what that is. An inordinate amount of venting is visible along the front bezel, side panel and top of the case. This is a box that will be anything but an oven. A case's styling and its desirability boil down to the individual user's tastes. My opinion is that Cooler Master hit a nice mark here. The vent area blends in nicely with the pressed steel design of the side panels and plastic bezel.

The Cooler Master 922 HAF is a midtower case colored in all black. What I thought odd was the weight and dimensions for the case. Cooler Master cites on their website that the 922 HAF weighs in at 10.6kg. Our scales here showed an empty 922 HAF at 9.53kg. Hey, if the printed factory specs are going to be off, having the case being a full kilo lighter is the way to go with me. Size wise, we measured the Cooler Master 922 HAF and found it to be 572 x 248 x 495mm.

The front bezel has a clean uniform look with the way the vented bay covers tie in with the lower intake fan vent area. Each bay cover as well as the lower section that conceals a 200mm Red LED intake fan are all filtered. We have five 5.25" bays with the bottom most cut out to accept 3.5" floppy devices if so desired.

Shifting our gaze up toward the top of the bezel/roof of the case we see a design shift that I for one like. The upper section's shape is such that it creates a tray that you can put whatever you like there. It is the exact shape of a CD so if you are burning music or playing a game, it makes for a nice spot to keep the jewel case.





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