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Cooler Master Storm Scout Case

Manufacturer:  Cooler Master
Supplied by:  Cooler Master
Street Price: $110

by Dean Barker  (5/17/2009)


After Cooler Master's success of the Storm Sniper case, they put their attention on bringing this same design to market in a slightly smaller package with a feature set tweaked for LAN-goers and enthusiasts.  Today, we have the product of this designing, the Cooler Master Storm Scout case on the bench.  Different case designs cater obviously to different market segments.  My personal preferences have always been toward full featured portable LAN boxes.  The logic here is low weight, options for neatness (aka showing off your gear at a LAN), cooling and above all aesthetics are a solid and proven recipe for success.  The new Cooler Master Storm Series Scout case may very well be the perfect embodiment of all these things and even be the best LAN case I have ever seen.  Let's jump right into today's review of the Cooler Master Scout so you can see exactly what I'm talking about.


  • Dimension: 489 x 219 x 496mm

  • Weight: 8.7 Kg

  • Material: SECC Steel / ABS Plastic

  • (5) 5.25" Exposed Bays (one convertible to 3.5")

  • (5) 3.5" Bays (hidden)

  • Slot Bracket: 7

  • M/B Type: ATX, Micro ATX

  • Cooling: Front: 140mm Red LED Fan (included) or 120mm Fan (optional); Top: 140mm Fan (included) or 120mm Fan (optional); Rear: 120mm Red LED Fan (included) or 90mm Fan or 80mm Fan (optional); Side: Acrylic window; supports 120mm x 2 (optional)

  • Top I/O Panel: USB 2.0 x 4; eSATA x 1; HD AC97 Audio Out x 1; Mic Jack x 1; Fan LED lighting on/off button

  • Available colors: Black

Scout Sniper Sprout

Cooler Master's Storm Scout is offered in a satin black color scheme.  The case is constructed out of SECC steel but retains a relatively light weight of just 8.7kg.  The smaller frame has a number of distinguishing features that grab your eyes immediately.  We have the same sort of look of the Storm Sniper but more the resemblance of cousins rather than siblings.

The front bezel shows us the Scout is a 4+1 style case with five 5.25" bays with the last being convertible to a 3.5" device is necessary.  Each bay cover is grilled with screening to keep the dust out.

The bezel pops off with a firm tug to its top and bottom.  Once removed we get a better look at the filter material and how it is laid out over the entire bezel area.


For my part, I'm always curious as to how tight a foam filter's mesh is.  Take a look.  As you can see the foam screen is held in place by tabs of metal bent down on top.  Each filter can be easily removed from the case to be cleaned with more case should the end user desire.


The front of the case without the bezel cover shows us the bays as well as the included 140mm red LED cooling fan.  There are also mounting holes allowing you to swap in a 120mm fan is you like.  The fans that come included with the Cooler Master Storm Scout are like those of the Storm Sniper.  They are all prewired with the LED lights being powered off different lines that connect to a button.  This button allows the lighting to be turned off and on at will. 





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