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Cooler Master Sileo 500 Case

Manufacturer:  Cooler Master
Supplied by:  Cooler Master
Street Price: $70

by Dean Barker  (5/25/2009)


Cooler Master has been around for quite a while and in that time has developed a solid reputation for innovative and quality products.  Cooler Master's case line has always drawn attention its features and styling often times making it the benchmark other case manufacturers are held up to.  Cooler Master's newest case, the Sileo 500, is a blend of high features with a low price point aimed at the silent case market.  Lined with sound absorbing acoustic dampening pads, the Sileo 500 brings a lot to the table for under $70.  Today we have a closer look at this not so basic and silent case.  Let's start off with the white paper.


  • Dimension: 480 x 200 x 432mm

  • Weight: 9.7 Kg

  • Material: SECC Steel / ABS Plastic

  • (5) 5.25" Exposed Bays

  • (5) 3.5" Bays (three hidden / one occupied with I/O Panel)

  • Slot Bracket: 7

  • M/B Type: ATX, Micro ATX

  • Cooling: Front: 120mm Fan (included); Rear: 120mm Fan (included)

  • External 3.5" Bay I/O Panel: USB 2.0 x 2; eSATA x 1; HD AC97 Audio Out; Mic Jack

  • Available colors: Black


The Sileo 500 is offered in a basic black color scheme.  The finish is satin and while it isn't the "piano finish" that is super reflective, it was enough that it offered us some challenges when we were taking pictures in our photo white box.  As you noticed I'm sure from the specs, the Sileo 500 is a midtower on a diet.  It does offer the expected five plus two expansion bays but it does so with a smaller 480 x 200 x 432mm footprint.  To give you a rough idea of what this represents, the Cooler Master Scout case we just reviewed and felt to be THE BEST LAN box on the market right now has a slightly larger 489 x 219 x 496mm.  Weight wise, the Sileo 500 tips the scales at just under a comfortable 10kg.

The front bezel is plastic but with an aluminum fascia.  Notice how the top and bottom corners are each rounded giving off a more elegant flowing feel of the case's lines.  When I said the Sileo 500 was a five plus two design, that is technically true.  Yes there are five 5.25" bays but one of the two external 3.5" bays is occupied by the I/O Panel.  The panel includes two USB 2.0 ports, audio out, mic in and a nice external SATA port.  Immediately underneath the I/O Panel are the power and reset buttons.  Each button is positioned vertically measuring two and one and a half inches in length respectively.  What is interesting about these is that they illuminate blue under power from LEDs positioned behind.






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