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Cooler Master Storm Sniper Case

Manufacturer:  Cooler Master
Supplied by:  Cooler Master
Street Price: $149

by Dean Barker  (3/21/2009)


Cooler Master has a long history of putting out some exceptionally cases.  Looking over past reviews we've done, I realized our first Cooler Master Case review was done just shy of seven years ago.  Back then it was the Cooler Master TC-201 Case that was all the rage.  In the years following that review, Cooler Master has introduced more cases and variants than can easily be counted.  Longevity of doing anything, always improves quality and innovation. 

Fast forward to present day 2009 and we have the Cooler Master Storm Sniper Case.  To call the Cooler Master Sniper a high air flow case would be an understatement.  The case comes with two included 200mm and one 120mm fan and has expansion room for much more.  Five of this case's six sides have either fans mounted already or mounting points ready to accept additional case fans.  The Sniper also brings some distinctive good looks to the table.  Let's peek in and around Cooler Master's latest gaming case and see what other details are waiting for us.


  • Dimension: 567 x 255 x 551mm

  • Weight: 10.6 Kg

  • Material: SECC Steel

  • (5) 5.25" Exposed Bays (one convertible to 3.5")

  • (5) 3.5" Bays (hidden)

  • Slot Bracket: 7

  • M/B Type: ATX, Micro ATX

  • Cooling: Front: 200 x 30 Blue LED fan; Top: 200 x 30 Blue LED fan; Rear: 120 x 25mm fan included.  Expansion space allowing for addition of 140mm bottom mounted fan and a 200mm side mount; both not included.

  • I/O Panel: USB 2.0 x 4; Firewire x 1; eSATA x 1; HD AC97 Audio Out x 1; Mic Jack x 1

  • Available colors: Black

Snipe or Sniper

Cooler Master's Sniper case is a midtower but has a rather stocky look.  This look is the result of screens throughout and flared side panels.  Offered only in black at present, this 23.5 pound case (10.6 kg) has a decidedly solid appearance.

As we begin examining each side in turn, let's start with the front bezel.  The five grill type bay covers give a nice look that keeps with the airy feel of the Sniper.  The bottom most bay cover is actually a 5.25/3.5" unit.  Meaning if you need to install a floppy drive or an otherwise 3.5" device, punching out the center of the lowest bay cover will allow just that.  Also note the oversize fan at the bottom of the face.  The included fan here is a 200 x 30mm Blue LED variable rate fan.  Speed is adjustable between 500 ~ 1000 RPM at 17 ~ 23 dBA respectively.





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