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Diabolic Minotaur Gaming Case 

Manufacturer: CasEdge
Supplied by: CasEdge
Price: $149

by Brian Tiller (12/18/2003)


As most of you know, I'm not really a gamer per se. However, Dean has been pushing me to do it more and more and the LAN Party thing more than I have. The only thing missing (other than skill) is a bad-a** LAN box. But today I think I may have solved that problem. Thanks to the generosity of CasEdge, we have the chance to look over a most extraordinary case. Billed as the "Latest Weapon in PC Gaming", the Diabolic series cases are aimed squarely at the PC enthusiast and gamer. The one that we have here today is the TH202 Minotaur and I just know you guys are gonna love the looks of this thing.


Roughly the size of standard mid-tower case, its looks are anything but standard. CasEdge has gone to great lengths to make this one big piece of eye candy. Before we get to all the cool stuff (like the pics) here's a list of the specs:


  • Observed Dimensions: 17.75"(H) x 19"(D) x  9"(W)

  • Observed Weight: 22lbs.

  • Construction: Steel w/plastic front bezel

  • Four 5.25" drive bays (external)

  • Two 3.5" drive bays (external)

  • Four 3.5" drive bays (internal)

  • Included 400W PSU

  • Tool less assembly

  • Included 120mm exhaust fan

  • Front access ports (4USB, 2 FireWire, sound and mic)

  • Side panel window with intake hole

  • Washable intake fan filter

  • Adjustable feet

  • Instruction manual

  • Five colors: Venom Green, Arcane Purple, Blood Red, Storm Blue, Electric Yellow

As you can see, we've got a lot of ground to cover with this case so let's get started. Starting off with the front of the case you can see just how cool this job is. This is no ordinary looking front bezel. Sure you have your four 5.25" and two external 3.5" drive bays up top, but even they have a different look to them.


From the side of the case, you can see that the bays are actually concave, slanted slightly back into the case. This feature, as well as the color differentiation, helps to draw attention to the two 'horns' molded onto the side of the bezel.


Also present in the colored section of the bezel is the power button. And once again, it's no ordinary button. Oversized and sporting what looks to me to be a laughing face, this is sure to win coolness points at your next LAN Party.





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