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Syntax EZ-Clocker Small Form Factor System

Manufacturer: Syntax
Supplied by: Syntax
Estimated Price: ~$220.00

by Brian Tiller (3/16/2004)


Hershey's started it with their chocolate kisses and now it seems that computer companies are doing their best to add to "Big Things come in Small Packages". I'm talking about those cute yet powerful Small Form Factor PC's. With all the horsepower of a conventional desktop, but at a fraction of the size, they are quite an attractive lure. Today we get the chance to review a somewhat unique SFF PC from the folks over at Syntax. Christened the EZ-Clocker, this little midget should appeal to quite a few of you out there

Syntax is located in California where in addition to SFF PC's, they also manufacture a wide range of computer components from optical drives to laptops to those gorgeous plasma TV's that we all want.


  • Observed Dimensions: 311.15mm(L) x 165mm(w) x 266.7(H)

  • Weight: approximately 11lbs

  • Application: Intel P4

  • Chipset: 865 +ICH5

  • Up to 2GB dual channel DDR 400/333/266

  • Intel Extreme Graphics onboard video

  • Gigabyte LAN

  • AC '97 six channel onboard sound

  • Integrated 7-in-1 card reader

  • USB 2.0 (6)

  • FireWire (2)

  • Additional AGP 4x/8x slot

  • 200W External PSU

  • Drive bays: (1) External 5.25", (1) Internal 3.5"

  • Aluminum case

  • Front Panel audio/USB/FireWire ports

  • Included CPU heatsink fan

  • Included (2) ATA100 cables

  • Integrated V90 modem

  • Front Panel display shows CPU speed, motherboard, memory, HDD, CD drive activity.

  • EZ-Clock CPU overclocking dial

Now that's quite a bit to take in all at once. So we're going to do our best to break it down and give you guys the full tour! Lock your safety bar in place, please keep all hands and feet inside, and hold on guys, cause awaaaaaay we GO!


Pg 1 - Introduction
Pg 2 - Exterior
Pg 3 - Front Display Panel
Pg 4 - Motherboard and Cooling
Pg 5 - Interior
Pg 6 - BIOS
Pg 7 - Testing Set Up and Memory Benches
Pg 8 - Productivity Benchmarks
Pg 9 - Gaming Benchmarks
Pg 10 - Overclocking and Conclusion


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