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Kingwin Supernova HTPC Case

Manufacturer: Kingwin Inc.
Supplied by: Kingwin Inc.
Street Price: $190

by Dean Barker (5/02/2006)


The HTPC market has exploded in the past 12 months as you know.  A variety of components in this rapidly expanding market geared toward home theater use are now easily available and come to suit most any taste or fancy.  Kingwin has released an entry into the HTPC chassis market with their new Supernova case.  Its resemblance to a Hi-Fi component gives it a look that has of yet eluded some chassis designers.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder though.  Looking a bit beyond that, today we have a closer look at not only the aesthetics of the Kingwin Supernova but also its practical features.  Warm thanks to Kingwin for making this review possible.  Without further ado let's see what the Supernova is all about.


  • Observed Dimensions: 470 x 437 x 141mm

  • Construction: Aluminum

  • Observed Weight: 6.1 kg

  • Mainboard: Micro ATX

  • Drive Bays: (2) 5.25" external; (1) 3.5" external; (3) 3.5" internal

  • Front mounted accessible ports: (2) USB 2.0; Firewire; audio out and mic

  • Cooling: Two 60mm rear mounted exhaust fans

  • Power Supply: Not included

  • Window: No

  • Available Colors: Black, Silver

The Unit

As we said in the introduction, the Kingwin Supernova looks like it would be at home in most any Hi-Fi rack.  The mirrored finish gets a few glam points but on closer inspection there is a lot of business going on too.  From the dual DVD bays to the large volume knob on the right side, the Supernova is more than just a showy package.


Moving from left to right, we'll start with the volume knob and display.  The mirror like panel (definitely mirror like) above on the top left edge is not an accent but rather a well concealed LCD data readout that displays fan speeds/temperatures at three points, system information, even the resolution of your screen.  While the knob is exactly what it appears to be, a volume control.  Immediately above the knob are three small buttons labeled 'T', 'F' and 'C': 'T' for temperature monitoring and cycling through the three internal thermal probes; 'F' for fan monitoring and cycling through the fan speeds of up to three RPM sensing fans connected to the unit and 'C' for color as in cycling the LCD backlighting between purple, blue and red.




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by Navin Amarasuriya

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