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Lian Li PC-201 Aluminum Case

Manufacturer: Lian Li
Supplied by: JCL Company Ltd / Silver PCs
Street Price: $260

By Dean Barker (5/06/2006)


Lian Li has built upon their success with the PC-V style chassis originally seen in the PC-V1000 and PC-V1100.  This upside down, power supply on the bottom, sectional design opened many doors for system builders and modders alike.  By compartmentalizing areas of the case, thermal and wire management issues became more streamlined and simplified.  Who doesn’t like a tidy case? 

Today, we have a look at Lian Li's newest server chassis sporting this design concept, the Lian Li PC-201.  Incorporating much of the PC-V design into a traditional style server, Lian Li has produced a very user friendly case capable of handling up to twelve 3.5” drives while remaining roomy enough to allow working room accommodating ease of system maintenance or upgrades.  Truly, a server case that can be styled, “the last server case you will ever need.”  Bold words I know, but let me show you around the well thought out and aesthetically pleasing PC-201.  First off, I want to extend our gratitude to the JCL Company Ltd and Silver PCs for making this review possible.


  • Dimensions: 614 x 586 x 216mm

  • Construction: Aluminum

  • Observed weight:  11.6kgs (w/o PSU)

  • Mainboard: Standard or extended ATX (max size: 12” x 13”)

  • Drive Bays: (12) 3.5” Internal, (7) 5.25” External with last having 3.5” adapter

  • Cooling: Four 120mm fans included - 120mm front case fan with filter, rear 120mm exhaust, HDD Rack mounted 120mm, Side mount with adjustable slide 120mm, mounting points for two 80mm fans in PSU area

  • Top mounted ports: two USB 2.0, Firewire, mic in and audio out

  • Power Supply: None

  • Window: No

  • Available Colors: Black, Silver

A Texas sized server

The Lian Li PC-201 is a server chassis which means it's big.  A large case is almost a necessity for a full duty server as you all know.  The observed dimensions we noted in the specs don't convey how large a case this is.  In the first picture below you see a side mounted blow hole; that blow hole my friends is a 120mm fan.  I believe this gives you an impressive point of reference.  In spite of the PC-201 being so large in physical size, its aluminum frame only tips the scales to a respectable 11.6 kilograms.  Not too heavy at all.

From a face on view for our silver review sample, the front bezel has three quarters of its edge accented by having its edge anodized black.  This adds some flash in a very conservative way.  On the top edge of the Lian Li's top you can spot its access ports; two USB 2.0, Firewire, audio out and mic jack.




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