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Lian Li PC-A10 Aluminum Case

Manufacturer: Lian Li
Supplied by: JCL Company Ltd / Silver PCs
Price: $228

by Dean Barker (10/09/2006)


The superficial attraction of the new Lian Li PC-A10 case is its ability to run two power supplies simultaneously for the most power hungry of systems.  I say superficial because after a few seconds into the cursory glance over the case, it became clear to me that the PC-A10 brings a lot to the table as far as features.  A WHOLE lot.  Short of a finer mesh intake fan filter and an outer covering made of carbon fiber (a personal favorite of mine) this is the case I would design for myself if I were on the design team at Lian Li.  Its clean blending of a robust feature set, elegant style and sleep ready silent operation really set it apart from the crowd.  This is a case many of you will be and should be excited about.  Our thanks are extended to the JCL Company Ltd and Silver PCs for their sponsorship of this review so we can have a first hand look at Lian Li's newest chassis.


  • Observed dimensions: 533 x 216 x 546mm

  • Observed Weight: 9kg

  • Construction: Aluminum

  • Mainboard: ATX up to 12" x 9.6" in size

  • Expansion Slots: Seven

  • Drive Bays: Seven 5.25” external bays (one holds 3.5” FDD adapter tray), five hidden 3.5”

  • Removable mainboard tray: Yes

  • Cooling: Four 120mm case fans

  • Top Mounted Ports: Firewire x 1, USB 2.0 x 2, speaker and mic port

  • Power Supply: Accepts dual power supplies, none include

  • Color: Silver, Black

A walk around the outside

Lian Li's PC-A10 is offered in either a silver or black color scheme.  The silver unit is trimmed with black accents as you can see below.  It's solid bezel door is free of distractions short of a small black line off center and a block style Lian Li logo.  This is a get back to basics look like we've seen on the PC-V1100 with venting along the side edges, a la PC-G70.


Opening the bezel door we find that the inner side is anodized black.  This is clearly a subjective thing but I find the anodized accenting really makes the case stand out in a smoothly subtle way.  The door itself has a firm feel when closed in place.  This is because Lian Li has opted to use ball bearings on tension springs to act as latches against the bezel frame.  Best bezel fastener I've ever seen.  Still on the door; if you look closely along the long edges of the bezel, you will see a gray rubber strip.  This padding keeps that metal on metal sound away when opening and closing the door as well as acting as sound dampening for any possible vibration.


Looking on the case front, we see seven 5.25 expansion bays with the bottom most being a 3.5" FDD adapter tray.  Above these bays are the power and drive activity indicator lamps as well as something else...  A three position fan controller toggle.  The toggle offers a low, medium and high setting for the two 3-pin power connectors on the reverse side of the switch.  The front 120mm intake fan occupies one of these out of the box but that can be changed at the end users whim.




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by Navin Amarasuriya

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