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Lian Li PC-V1100 Aluminum Case

Manufacturer: Lian Li
Supplied by: JCL Company Ltd / Silver PCs
Price: $250

By Dean Barker (6/10/2004)


It wasn't too long ago we reviewed the very G5-ish, Lian Li PC-V1000.  The PC-V1000 represented a huge shift in the manufacture of cases for Lian Li, or anyone for that matter.  It brought us a case with an inverted mainboard mounting and a new style of thinking.  This type of mounting has the power supply on the floor of the case and the expansion slots at the top rear.  The benefits of flipping things is arguable but we found it easier to work inside the case as well as it made the wiring (PSU connections) much neater.

Part of the uniqueness of the PC-V1000 was its mesh-like front bezel.  I'm talking mesh as in you could strain spaghetti through it if you wanted.  We received several dozen e-mails from readers commenting on the well received aesthetics of this look.  Always looking to improve on previous successes, Lian Li has taken their new and well received PC-V1000 and made a few changes to it.  These changes all center around a single theme and that is SILENCE.  Adding a front bezel cover as well as some sound and vibration absorbing mats, Lian Li has put a whole new spin on this case making it something anyone seeking that ultra low decibel computer will drool over.  Let's take a look at the silence oriented PC-V1100.  Before we get too far I do want to thank JCL Company Ltd and Silver PCs for making this review possible.  On to the specs.


  • Observed Dimensions: 490 (L) x 208 (W) x 515mm (D)

  • Construction: Aluminum

  • Observed weight: 8.6 kg (w/o PSU)

  • Mainboard: up to a full size ATX

  • PCI Slots: Seven

  • Drive Bays: six hidden 3.5”, five exposed 5.25” with one of these FDD cover plate and tray

  • Cooling: 120mm front case fan with filter, rear 120mm exhaust

  • Front mounted ports: two USB 2.0, Firewire, mic in and audio out

  • Power Supply: None

  • Available in silver and anodized black

A Look Around

The Lian Li PC-V1100 is offered in black or silver as is the PC-V1000.  While not a huge case it isn't small either.  Measuring almost 20 inches tall and over 20 inches deep, its safe to assume that inside we are going to find plenty of work room.  The front bezel has small ridges running lengthwise giving it the appearance of being slimmer than it is.  This door opens easily but can be secured via a key lock on the right side of the bezel door.




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by Navin Amarasuriya

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