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NZXT Panzerbox Case

Manufacturer: NZXT
Supplied by: NZXT
Street Price: $119

by Dean Barker (10/24/2009)


LAN gamers all have similar problems; we like compact and easily portable cases to go game with.  However, we also want our full sized ATX motherboards and 10" video cards.  There has never been an abundance of cases that could fit this bill but NZXT has just increased those that are by one.  Enter the NZXT Panzerbox.  The Panzerbox has had a lot of positive press lately because of its compact design that brings full size and full features in a blend to make any LANer proud.  NZXT has been making a name for themselves over the past few years and the Panzerbox certainly is aiming to add a few laurels onto NZXT's shoulders.  A number of things go into any good LAN box so let's jump in and see how well the NZXT Panzerbox sees to our grocery list of LAN needs.


  • Observed Dimensions: 455 x 244 x 455mm

  • Observed Weight: 6.3kg

  • Construction: Aluminum

  • Mainboard: ATX, Micro ATX, Baby ATX

  • Expansion Slots: Seven

  • Drive Bays: Three 5.25” external bays, four hidden 3.5”

  • Tool free drive mounts

  • Removable mainboard tray: Yes

  • Cooling: 190mm front intake; 120mm rear exhaust; 190mm top exhaust

  • Top Mounted Ports: eSATA, USB 2.0 x 2, speaker and mic port

  • Colors available: Black

A Panzer huh?

Being a smaller sized case, the NZXT Panzerbox moniker doesn't initially seem to fit.  But on closer inspection of this all anodized black aluminum case, its short stocky frame does give you the impression of a tank.  That impression would be in looks alone as the Panzerbox tips the Overclocker Cafe's scales at a very trim 6.3 kilograms.  Compact size and lightweight; there are two big checks on our LAN box grocery list of must have features.

Taking in the view from the front bezel we see that the NZXT Panzerbox sports three 5.25" drive bays.  Most smaller cases have just two where as a small scale midtower has four.  Three bays seems to be a sweet spot as after the installation of the requisite optical drive you have two left for any number of other uses.  A twin bay fan controller, a second optical drive along with a floppy, a small LED readout are just a few options.  As far as FDDs go, included with the Panzerbox is a small FDD bay cover.

Another feature you immediately notice in looking at the front bezel is the large 190mm intake fan with eleven impeller blades.  This fan is rated at 150 CFM @ 1100 RPM.  That is a helluva lot of air flow. The mesh screen that makes up a good bit of the bezel will allow minimal restriction with air flow.  The mesh is tight enough that it will filter out a lot of larger particles but regular ol' dust is going to get sucked right in.




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by Navin Amarasuriya

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