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SanSun Bat Case

Manufacturer: SanSun
Supplied by: SanSun
Price: TBA

by Dean Barker (2/13/2006)


Looks aren't everything but they do count for quite a bit.  SanSun obviously recognizes this, which is why they released their Bat Case.  So catchy is its super hero look that my four year old son must have smelled it as I came in the house promptly accosting me with "Wow Dad, that's cool!" and "ooooohhh!"  I have to admit the case has such a hip look, it got a few ooohs and aaahhs out of me too.  However, there's a lot more to a case than a classy paint job and some sweet looking molded body work.  Today, thanks to the fine people over at SanSun, we have a sample of their Bat Case on deck to pull apart and check out.  


  • Observed Dimensions (LxWxH): 508 x 229 x 464 mm

  • Construction: SECC Steel 0.7mm

  • Observed Weight: 7.4 kg

  • Mainboard: Micro ATX, ATX

  • Drive Bays 54 x 5.25"; 2 x 3.5"; 4 x 3.5" (Hidden)

  • Top mounted accessible ports: USB x 2, speaker and mic jack

  • Cooling: Front - 80mm fan cage / Rear - mounting for (2) 80mm OR (1) 120mm fan / Side - 80mm fan (included)

  • Tool free drive clips for optical drives

  • Tool free card bracket

  • Power Supply: Not included

  • Window: No

  • Available Colors: Red/Black, White/Black, Blue/Black, Black/Black

Great Caesar Salad Batman!

Our review unit today as you can see is red with black molded body work that has appeal to both young and old.  The 7.4 kg Bat Case gets your attention and keeps it.  The first rate car quality paint finish was so nice you could read in its reflection - easily.  The outer black molding of the bezel flows into the each side panel with a clean feel.  But it's not the side panels that make your eyes lock on.

The front bezel of the Bat Case has such a look as to make you think Alfred the butler is behind you.  The mask-like bezel cover also looks like a bat with its wings outstretched if you look a bit closer.  Two bluish eyes are centered here with each having a small LED to take the bat look to the next level.  Opening up the bezel door we find four 5.25" optical bays and two exposed 3.5" bays.  With both the door open and closed you will notice that SanSun has gone to a lot of trouble to keep their Bat Case's lines as clean as possible.  With that in mind, let's move up and find the power button.




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by Navin Amarasuriya

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