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SilverStone LC10-M (Home Theater PC) Case

Manufacturer: SilverStone
Supplied by: Sundial Micro
Street Price: $229

by Dean Barker (12/29/2004)



Home Theater PCs used to be novelty items relegated to a very small number of audiophile/hardware geeks.  The past year has changed this substantially to say the least.  So much so, that today you would be hard pressed to not find a HTPC for sale in your Sunday paper or at the local Best Buy or CompUSA.  And why wouldn't the ability to play/record/store DVDs, watch TV, play games etc. on your TV be appealing?  I know it is to me as well as many many others.  As with most all other things, function is often times only half the battle.  The most functional device in the store still has to have some curb appeal.

SilverStone has been around for since the summer of 2003.  In that time, they have gotten lots of attention for their distinctive styling, guaranteed to turn heads.  Today, we have SilverStone's latest entry into the HTPC case market, the SilverStone Lascala LC10-M.  Offered in Silver and Black, the Lascala can easily blend in to any home entertainment center.  Bringing together a mix of function and style, SilverStone is aiming at making their Lascala line the first choice of HTPC builders.  Before we continue, we wish to extend our gratitude to Sundial Micro for making this review possible.  Let's dive right in with the white paper specs.


  • Dimensions: 430 x 429 x 163mm

  • Weight: 8 kg

  • Construction: Steel/Aluminum

  • Drive Bays: (1) 5.25”, (1) hidden 5.25”, (4) hidden 3.5”

  • Expansion slots: (7)

  • M/B Type: Standard ATX and Micro ATX

  • Power Supply: Optional

  • Front Mounted Access Ports: USB 2.0 (x4)

  • Side Mounted Access Ports: Firewire port, speaker and mic jack

  • Cooling: Front mounted 80mm case fan; Rear mounted 60mm case fan (x2)

  • Window: N/A

  • Available Colors: Silver, Black

  • Multimedia: VFD, IR, Remote Control, iMon Media Center Software

A look around

HTPCs are frequently coupled with other items such as VCRs or stereo components.  As we mentioned earlier, these types of machines are typically in someone's living room so it is just as important that they are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional.



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