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Sunbeam Trio Case

Manufacturer: Sunbeam Technology
Supplied by: Sunbeam Technology
Street Price: $79

by Dean Barker (6/15/2005)



SunbeamTech has grown to be a household name (a geek household that is) since their inception in 2000.  They now produce a variety of products to include fans, multifunction panels, lighting mods of every conceivable variety and to of course, cases.  Targeting the middle of road consumer, Sunbeam looks to continue their reputation of providing “the best bang for the buck.”  Today, we are fortunate to have one of Sunbeam’s newest products on the bench, the Sunbeam Trio.  The Trio case combines many of SunbeamTech’s products into one.  Taking a small tower case and combining it with lighting and a front mounted cluster of three analog gauges.  The Trio stands out as a very attractive and unique upgrade option.  Thanks go to Sunbeam Technology for making this review possible.  As we always do, let’s begin with the specs.


  • Observed Dimensions: 502 x 200 x 432mm

  • Observed Weight: 8 kg (w/PSU)

  • Construction: Steel/Plastic

  • Drive Bays: (4) 5.25”, (2) 3.5”, (5) hidden 3.5”

  • Expansion slots: (7)

  • M/B Type: Standard ATX and Micro ATX

  • Power Supply: SunbeamTech 450w

  • Side Mounted Access Ports: USB 2.0 (x2), Firewire, speaker and mic jack, Fan Control

  • Cooling: Front case fan mounting for 120mm, 90mm or (4) 80mm; Rear case fan mounting for 120mm (included) or (2) 80mm; Side mounted 80mm case fan (included)

  • Window: Yes

  • Available Colors: Black, Silver/Black or Silver

A look around

As you can see below, our review sample is solid black.  The Sunbeam Trio also is offered in a Silver and a Silver/Black color scheme seen here.  Being a standard sized tower case weighing in at a mere 8kg (to include the PSU) we don't find ourselves in cramped quarters or with a case too big to move around.  While server and compact cases each have benefits for specific users, I have always found standard tower cases as the perfect size for me.  BTW, check out the paint job!  The paint job was so nice that taking pictures of the Trio proved a daunting task because of the high sheen reflection.



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by Navin Amarasuriya

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