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Thermaltake LANMOTO Aluminum Case

Manufacturer: Thermaltake Technology
Supplied by: Thermaltake Technology
Street Price: ~$115

By Graham Vinson (4/28/2004)



The ongoing saga continues.  LAN parties are all the rage, while toting 40lbs of equipment to them is not.  Enter Thermaltake with their line of cases aimed towards that end.  Beautifully designed with exquisite paint jobs and packed with features any Lanner would love.  The LANFIRE was Tt's first venture here.  The LANMOTO with its having larger than average case fans, lightweight aluminum construction, a rockin' sweet Fireball El light mod in the front bezel and price, it had it all going for it.

Today we're taking a look at another installment of the LAN Party line, the LANMOTO.  Coming in four different racing colors, Red, Blue, Silver and the Black model we're scoping, Tt has clearly tried to appeal to the racing genre of the gaming world.  Picking it apart screw by tool free screw, we'll give you the insight needed to decide whether or not the Moto will be the case you show off at your next LAN.


  • Dimensions: 495 (H) x 210 (W) x 478mm (D)

  • Weight: 5kg

  • Construction: 0.8mm Aluminum and ABS Plastic

  • Drive Bays:  (4) exposed 5.25”, (2) exposed 3.5”, (5) hidden 3.5” **One 5.25" exposed bay taken up with fan controller.**

  • Expansion slots:  (7)

  • M/B Type:  Standard, Micro and Extended ATX mainboard

  • Power Supply:  Not included

  • Front mounted USB 2.0 (x2), IEEE 1394

  • Cooling: (1) 90mm and (2) 120mm case fans

  • Two channel fan controller with LCD display for temperature, fan speed and alarm functions.

  • Available colors:  Red, Blue, Black and Silver

  • Window:  X-type side panel

  • Mirror coated finish

  • LANMOTO El light

  • Washable dust filter

  • Chassis intrusion detector

  • Tool free secured PCI slots

  • Patented Tool free drive rails

As Thermaltake has never been one to slack on included parts, the LANMOTO was no exception.  A detailed installation manual set the tone for an included cardboard box packed with goodies.  The manual is easy to understand and as always, it has diagrams with descriptions which gives users a thorough understanding of the product.  Containing LANMOTO stickers in every color, thermal probe tape, two sets of keys, a chamois to remove unwanted fingerprints, drive rails and the normal plethora of screws fill your imagination with lots of work to be had.


Speaking of screws, the side panel was fastened by two insanely large thumb screws, the biggest I've ever seen.  Forget Thumb, Philips and Flat, say hello to Hand.



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