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Thermaltake Tai Chi Water Cooled Case (VB5001SNA)

Manufacturer: Thermaltake Technology
Supplied by: Thermaltake Technology
MSRP: $464

by Dean Barker (10/03/2005)


Everyone has seen the Reese’s Cup commercial with a guy holding a chocolate bar walking into another guy holding a jar of peanut butter and presto, you have a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.  In this same vein, Thermaltake has combined their case line and water cooling kit line to bring the best of both worlds together with their Tai Chi case.  Perhaps that is why Tt’s newest product is called the Tai Chi because it brings together a perfect mix and balance of two things; chassis and component cooling.  Of course there is a stripped down model of the Tai Chi minus all the water cooling components (VB5000) for those looking more at the basic style of the Tai Chi case and not wanting the entire package.  However, pricing out at $464, I can see why some may opt away from the entire package.  But, as I repeated the words of my grandfather before, ‘If you’re gonna be a bear, be a Grizzly!’  Today we are very fortunate to have the Tt water cooled Tai Chi case up on the bench.  Our gratitude goes out to Thermaltake for making this review possible.  Without further a do, let’s see what the Tai Chi case brings to the table for Joe User.


  • Observed Dimensions: 546 x 257 x 600mm

  • Observed Weight: 19.5 kg

  • Construction: Aluminum

  • Drive Bays: Eight exposed 5.25" bays
                    Three hidden 3.5" bays

  • Cooling: Included Front 120mm Intake
                Included Rear 120mm Exhaust (Blue LED)
                Water Cooler sporting two 120mm cooling fans

  • Water pump: 12v pump rated at 84 L/Hr

  • Water block: Copper with acrylic top - mounting hardware for Intel 478, LGA775, AMD K7 or AMD K8

  • Radiator dimensions: 270 x 220 x 33mm

  • Top Mounted Ports: USB 2.0 x 2, Line out/Mic, Firewire

  • Available Colors: Silver/Black

  • Expansion slots: 7

  • Motherboard Type: ATX, Micro ATX, Extended ATX, BTX compatible

  • Optional: Thermaltake Pure Power PSU
                 BTX Compatibility Upgrade Kit

  • Window: No

Short or long Yang form?

No, Tai Chi isn't a spicier General Tso's Chicken.  Tai Chi is more meditation through movement promoting balance through several aspects of an individual - physical, intellectual and spiritual.  As we said in the introduction, I think Thermaltake choose the name for its all aluminum full featured water cooled case aptly.  Let's take a closer look and you can decide for yourself.


Pg 1 - Introduction
Pg 2 - A closer look
Pg 3 - A longer look
Pg 4 - Inside
Pg 5 - Water cooling goodies
Pg 6 - Operation/Performance
Pg 7 - Conclusion


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by Navin Amarasuriya

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