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Ultra m998 Case

Manufacturer: Ultra Products
Supplied by: Ultra Products
Street Price: $169

by Dean Barker (11/26/2007)


When our review unit of the Ultra m998 Case arrived, I had to do a double take.  This wasn't a new case design at all.  This case was the Global Win YCC-61F1 Case that we reviewed way back in December of 2001.  Here's the link to our review from six years ago.  The case was so good in fact that it was only a year ago we put the Global Win YCC-61F1 into retirement.  After taking the Ultra m998 out of its packaging I realized that Ultra Products had gained the rights to this design and updated it with some modern features.  Then the more I looked at it, I realized it wasn't just a few new features, it was a whole lot of them.  The Ultra m988 looks the same as the old Global Win but the resemblance is skin deep.  Today, we have a look at a remake of an already venerable case into something that much nicer.


  • Observed Dimensions: 606 x 241 x 457mm (LxWxH)

  • Observed Weight: 8.8 kg

  • Construction: Aluminum

  • Drive Bays: Four exposed 5.25" bays, two exposed 3.5", five internal 3.5" bays

  • Cooling: 120mm front intake fan, Rear 120mm exhaust fan

  • Front Mounted Ports: USB 2.0 x 2, Firewire, Line out, Mic, eSATA

  • Available Colors: Black

  • Expansion slots: Seven

  • Motherboard Type: ATX, Micro ATX

  • Removable motherboard: Yes

  • Window: Yes

Who's your Daddy!

Ultra bills the m998 case as an ATX mid-tower.  From looking at the dimensions above, it is only a midtower in terms of drive bays it has.  This is one large and very sturdy rig.  The flat black finish of the plastic bezel matches perfectly to the black anodize of the rest of the aluminum chassis. 

The front bezel has quite a presence with it being nearly 250mm wide.  Ultra's logo is lengthwise on the bottom right of the m998 immediately next to six slits that act as air intakes.  Up top we find a four plus two set up.  Four 5.25" bays over two externally accessible 3.5" bays.  This was the only fault we found the entire day with the Ultra m998; no FDD bezel cover.  If you want to run a floppy drive you will have to fabricate a flush bezel mount if that's your thing otherwise the clean lines get broken up with a gap around an installed FDD.  But hey, who uses a floppy anymore anyway?  Maybe that guy with an ISA VGA card and a 9600 baud band modem but that's it.

On the upper right side of the bezel we find the power and reset switches over and under the power indicator and two HDD activity lamps.  Immediately below this area is a stealth cover that conceals two USB 2.0 ports, a speaker and mic jack, Firewire port and an external SATA jack.  Nice addition with the latter.





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