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A Top Technology X-Blade Gaming Case

Manufacturer: A Top Technology
Supplied by: A Top Technology
Street Price: $80.00

By Brian Tiller (5/23/2004)


It would certainly be interesting to see what Charles Babbage would think if he could see how his original Difference Engine has evolved into the modern computers of today. Not only are we light years ahead of what he envisioned in speed, power and versatility, but the constructs that house our lightning fast machines have evolved into unique and original designs to fit almost anyone's personality. And today we get the chance to take in yet another unique creation that comes to us from the good folks at A Top Technology, the makers of the Z-Alien comes the X-Blade Gaming case.


  • Dimensions: 19.25"(L) x 17"(H) x 8"(W)

  • Observed Weight: 19lbs

  • Construction: Steel w/plastic front bezel

  • Drive Bays: (5) 5.25" external
                    (1) 3.5" external
                    (5) 3.5" internal

  • Tool Free drive installation

  • Included 120mm exhaust fan, (2) 80mm intake fans

  • Front intake fan and rear exhaust fan can accommodate up to 120mm fan size

  • Front panel backlit X-Blade symbol

  • Chrome outlined front mesh intake vents

  • Colors: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Silver and Black

  • Included 400W PSU

  • Windowed side panel with air intake

  • Front access ports, USB 2.0, FireWire, audio

They sure did squeeze an awful lot of stuff into the X-Blade from looking at the specs, now let's look at the case. 

As you can see, the sample that we have here is a nice bright shade of green. Except for money, I've never really been into green, but I will have to say that A-Top has done a very nice job with the finish on this case. The paint job is one that you would expect to see on an automobile, and it is very smooth and clear.  The X-Blade comes in five other colors as well, Blue, Red, Yellow, Silver and Black.   

The case has a very aggressive look to it, mostly due to the front bezel design. The chrome trim is set off very well against the green color of the case. 


The door of this case just jumps right out at you with it's chrome plating and raised center piece. And speaking of the center piece, the lettering is raised and set on a black mesh screen to further enhance the chrome styling. Behind the mesh screen are some blue LED's to help light this baby up when your fraggin' in the dark.




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