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X-Gear Case 

Manufacturer: Aspire USA
Supplied by: Aspire USA
Price: $54.00

by Brian Tiller (12/01/2003)


These days when a geek mentions that there's a party going on, it's not the same thing as when I was growing up. Instead of booze and broads, it games and gear that get their blood pumping. To that end, quite a bit of computer gear is targeted towards LAN party enthusiasts, including cases. We have reviewed several LAN boxes here including the Antec LANBOY and the Thermaltake LANFire. Today, thanks to Aspire USA, we get to take a peek at their budget offering in this category, the X-Gear. 


The X-Gear is built upon the same chassis as the X-Dreamer II with a few modifications made, mostly to the appearance of the case. Even though the case is made of steel, it is extremely lightweight allowing for easy portability.

  • Construction: Steel w/plastic front bezel.

  • Shipping weight: 19lbs

  • Dimensions: 17"(H) x 8"(W) x 18.5"(D)

  • Four 5.25" drive bays (two with drop down covers)

  • Two 3.5" external drive bays

  • Four 3.5" internal drive bays

  • Front ports including (2)USB 2.0, speaker and microphone

  • Two included UV reactive LED fans (side panel and top panel mount)

  • Acrylic side window panel

  • Thumb screws

  • 350W TurboLink PSU

  • UV reactive front knobs

As you can see from the listed specs, it really is quite similar to the X-Dreamer line of cases. 

The front bezel is where the big changes are. Aspire has foregone the LCD temperature readout in favor of a standard power and reset switch. Notice that not only does the bottom half of the front bezel have the clear Plexiglas covering it, but also the bottom two 5.25" drive bay covers. Granted, if you're like me, you like to have all the bays full on your case, but since this is geared towards the LAN party peoples, there's no need for extraneous stuff to carry around so it helps to enhance the look of the front bezel.


Removal of these bay covers show us that the plastic is attached from the rear with the aid of two screws, one of each and of the bay cover. While the design is simple, it goes quite a ways to enhancing the look of the case, in my opinion.


Aspire has stuck with their fold down bay doors for the top two drive bays. However, while the rest of the case is blue, the front of the X-Gear is a metallic color, which these doors match.

I will admit to being slightly prejudicial in my opinion of this particular feature of the case. Since my first hands on experience with these bay doors on the X-Dreamer, I have really taken quite a liking to their design and aesthetics. They work well for every CD/DVD drive I have used and they blend in nicely with the rest of the case.




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