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A-Top Technology Z-Alien Gaming Case

Manufacturer: A-Top Technology
Supplied by: A-Top Technology
Price: $140

By Dean Barker (3/6/2004)


Premodded cases can easily be found in all shapes, sizes and styles now.  What I have liked most recently has been the emergence of the custom case/bezel look with a theme.  Brian reviewed the Minotaur not too long ago that really emphasized this.  One of the most popular themes is the alien theme.  Today we have a look at A-Top Technology's stab at this theme with their Z-Alien midtower case.  A-Top has done quite a bit more than add a bezel design and some LEDs to make their case different.  A custom cut window, filtered case fans and an improved drive rail system to name just a few.  Let's start things out with the specs.


  • Dimensions: 210 (W) x 480 (H) x 530mm (D)

  • Construction: Aluminum / ABS Plastic

  • Available Colors: Black, Silver, Blue, Red, Green and Yellow

  • Observed weight: 6.4kg (w/o PSU)

  • Mainboard: ATX up to 10” (W) x 12” (L)

  • Drive Bays: Five 3.5” (hidden), two 3.5” (exposed), four 5.25” (exposed)

  • Custom window with grilling 

  • Cooling: Rear 120mm blue LED case fan, front 80mm blue LED case fan, right side panel 80mm blue LED case fan.

  • Optional Cooling: Two additional 80mm case fans available with card holder.

  • Top mounted ports: one Firewire, two USB 2.0, mic and speaker jacks

  • Tool free 5.25” and 3.5” device installation

  • Power Supply: Optional 400, 450 or 500 watt PSU

The first thing you notice on the Z-Alien are the 'eyes' and 'gills' molded into the front bezel.  The idea of having a face of sorts molded into the case is new to the mass production market.  The first we saw of one of these was with the Diabolic Minotaur case we reviewed no so long ago.  As you can see below, the quality of the painting is well above average.  The clean reflection off the painted plastic bezel was every bit as nice as that off the side or top panel.  The black seems to show this reflective quality off best but the Z-Alien is also available in Yellow, Green, Silver, Red and Blue.


The upper half of the case face is covered by a swing door.  Opening this up exposes four 5.25" and two 3.5" bays.  A small door is placed just to the bottom left corner of the 3.5" bays.  This door conceals two USB ports.




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by Navin Amarasuriya

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