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Kingwin Arctic Liquid Cooling Kit

Manufacturer: Kingwin
Supplied by: Kingwin
Street Price: $99

By Dean Barker (7/18/2004)


Water Cooling Kits have become big business with most of the big name players venturing forth products to claim supremacy in either the ultra cooling or the high efficiency class.  Kingwin, who have always been known for quality and sleek designs, is now expanding into this dog eat dog market.  The Kingwin entry is called the Arctic Liquid Cooler Kit.  It is an all in one set up designed for cooling of both your processor and GPU.  What's more, is that it is designed to be universally applicable to most of the major platforms available to include mainly the Intel P4, AMD K7 and K8 CPUs.  Thanks to the good people at Kingwin, we have an opportunity to test out this kit and see how it holds up. 

What you get

Typically, we don't mention packaging too much around here because an item is either packed well or it isn't.  Just opening the box proved to be the first of many 'wows' we would utter before the day was out.  The components were packaged in small individual boxes that are themselves divided by a molded plastic tray.  This seems like a simple thing but it gives you a feeling of confidence and organization right off the bat.  We have all opened packages with parts in bags just thrown in.  When things are like that you end up feeling a little off balance before you even begin to install your new toy.  This is not the case at all with Kingwin's kit.


Taking everything out of the box, we find a central pump/radiator unit, a universal CPU water blocks as well as a universal GPU water block, four lengths of 5/16" OD tubing with screw end fittings, a well laid out manual, coolant, silver thermal paste, a secondary radiator with an 80mm fan and water block mounting hardware for most AMD, Intel, ATi or NVidia product.

Central Pump/Radiator

The focal point of the Kingwin Arctic Cooling kit is the central pump/radiator assembly.  It is designed to work as an internally mounted 5.25" device.  Unlike the Titan Kit we looked at last week, which could be mounted internally or externally, the Kingwin is internal only.  While the Kingwin product lacks the ability to be mounted externally, it needs to be noted that unlike the Titan, the Kingwin central unit only takes up one bay as opposed to two as the Titan does. 

The face plate is colored nicely with a black/silver mix making it look at home in either a standard aluminum or a black anodized case.  The left side has a small protrusion that is where you fill the unit with liquid.  A low-high tic mark window in on this piece letting you monitor that your water levels are copasetic.  Next to this are three silver buttons labeled 'set', 'up' and 'down'.  These are for setting trip temperatures which we'll get to shortly.  On the right is a silver rheostat which controls the unit's internal fan speed.




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