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Kingwin Revolution H.D.T. Cooler

Manufacturer: Kingwin
Supplied by: Kingwin
Street Price: $29 (USD)

By Dean Barker (9/29/2007)



Kingwin has never been one to let new technology pass them by.  Their newest cooler , 'The Revolution' carries that name for a reason.  Instead of sandwiching heatpipes inside two copper billets, they designed the heatpipes to be in direct contact with the processor.  While you want to cry out against it as a knee jerk response, the more you think about it, it begins to make some since.  Kingwin Technology is standing tall behind new ideas and technology and has given us a chance to play with this off the beaten path design they call HDT Technology (Heatpipe Direct Touch Technology).


  • Application: Intel LGA775, AMD Socket 754/939/940/AM2

  • Dimensions: 92 x 134 x 50mm

  • Weight: 410 gms

  • Construction: Aluminum fins/Copper Heatpipes

  • Fan Size: 92 x 25mm

  • Rubber anti-vibration fan mounts

  • Fan Speed: Variable rate 1200 ~ 2800 RPM

  • Sound level: 23 ~35 dBA

  • Air Flow: 39 ~ 55 CFM

  • Power connector: Four pin with PWM

The Revolution

When you first look at the Kingwin Revolution (RVT-9225) it looks like a normal stacked fin/heatpipe design with a vertically mounted fan.  As you will see in a minute, it breaks away from anything "standard" as soon as you see the base.  But let's work our way down.  Starting with the fan, we have a 92mm variable rate fan via the PWM power plug whose max speed is 2800 RPM providing 55 CFM and 35 decibels at full honk.  With the fan's vertical mounting, the cooler can be installed so that the fan will direct air toward a case's exhaust fan or power supply to get the warm air directed out of the case instead of being recirculated. 

Three six millimeter copper heatpipes stem up from the aluminum base mount to provide a solid frame for the convection fins and cooling fan.  The aluminum fins are stacked laterally so they are parallel to the mainboard.  Also notice how the sides of the fins are folded in places.  This helps channel air flow without being overly restrictive.


In addition to mounting hardware for both AMD and Intel applications, there is also included a small aluminum fin of sorts.  This fin actually is an air foil that slips in between the Revolution's convection fins to channel air down toward the mainboard.  The higher you mount the air foil, the more air is channeled toward the board because of the fan mounted on the opposite side.  Conversely, the lower the mounting of the air foil the less air is redirected downward.   




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