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Prolimatech Super Mega CPU Cooler

Manufacturer: Prolimatech
Supplied by: Prolimatech
Price: $79.95

by Dean Barker (9/08/2010)


Prolimatech is a relatively new name to the venue of CPU cooling.  Based out of Taiwan and founded in 2008, Prolimatech has put out some noteworthy products in a very short period of time.  Their reputation began with the Megahelems CPU Cooler that stunned the enthusiast market with a product that was arguably the King of the Cooling Hill.  Here we are two years later and Prolimatech has released an improved cooler that shows clear lines back to its successful Megahelems roots.  The folks at Prolimatech obviously have a lot of faith in their products.  They were quick to step up to provide us a retail sample for review today.  You have a like a company who is quick to let their product's quality and performance do their talking for them.  With that said, let's have a closer look at the Prolimatech Super Mega.


• Application: Intel Socket LGA1366, LGA1156, LGA775
• Dimensions: 130 x 74 x 159mm
• Weight: 945 gms (w/o fan)
• Construction: Nickel Plated Copper heatpipes and base with Aluminum/Copper fins
• Fan (s): Will accept 120 x 25 or 140 x 25

What you get

Opening up the package we found that the Prolimatech Super Mega is a large cooler.  As such, there was some rather robust mounting hardware included with the cooler itself.  In addition to the mounting hardware (Intel only) was a tube of thermal paste, fan clips and an installation guide.  The included installation guide was direct and easy to understand which is not always to be assumed with some companies.  A cooling fan is not included with the Super Mega.  This will be received differently depending on who you ask.  I like to use larger fans with lower sound signatures and I like to pick them out.  However, some will also say after dropping $50+ on a cooler, who wants to go drop another $10-18 on a fan?

THE Super Mega

Prolimatech has a good sized unit with the Super Mega.  What immediately grabs your attention are the four copper fin sections within the array itself.  The cooler is aluminum with the exception of the base, heatpipes and these obvious copper sections.  A bit about copper and aluminum: To this day, people continue to argue which is a better material for producing heatsinks.  That is the wrong way to look at it.  Think about your car's coolant.  We all know you mix water and antifreeze 50/50 to get the best cooling.  Water holds more heat than antifreeze but has a lower boiling point.  Mixing the two, gives you a blending of the best properties of each.  The same is true with aluminum and copper.  Copper holds more thermal energy than aluminum but doesn't dissipate that energy as quickly as the aluminum does.  You want to find the right mix of materials to make the most out of your heatsink design.  Different designs will offer different needs for the maximum efficiency.

Prolimatech has placed the copper fin areas midway in the convection fin assembly to help pull the heat away from the CPU contact area.  With these copper areas being surrounded by aluminum fins we see the copper being cooling more quickly and efficiently.  The Super Mega shares the same split fin array design with its predecessor the Megahelems.  The structure is build upon six 6mm heatpipes.  The heatpipes are nickel coated copper and provide a firm framework for the Super Mega.





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