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Sunbeam Silent Whisper Cooler

Manufacturer: Sunbeam
Supplied by: Sunbeam
Street Price: $13

by Dean Barker (8/19/2007)



Not everyone or every system requires the ultra high performance and matching high cost of top tier cooling solutions.  Sometimes you just need a cooler for a budget rig.  "Budget" doesn't mean you are willing to skimp on performance; it only means that you are being more cost conscious.  The Sunbeam Silent Whisper Cooler priced at $13, brings copper heatpipe construction with an elevated thin finned design to the masses. Assuming the name is warranted, Sunbeam should have a low cost winner on their hands.  The Sunbeam Silent Whisper is offered in two model, one for Intel LGA775 applications and one for AMD K8 based rigs.  Today, we have a look at the LGA775 model and see what Sunbeam can deliver for $13.


  • Application: Intel LGA775 model and AMD K8 Model

  • Dimensions: 130 x 97 x 118mm

  • Weight: 512 gms

  • Construction: copper and aluminum

  • Fan: 92mm fan

  • Fan Speed: Intel PWM Controlled (1000 ~ 2400 RPM)

  • Four pin Intel PWM Connector

The Sunbeam Silent Whisper comes with no nonsense packaging.  With the cooler being application specific you don't have a variety of universal mounting hardware in the package.  This cuts cost right off the bat.  If you had an Intel/AMD ready cooler, by definition, half the mounting hardware gets tossed EVERY time depending on which platform you install it to. 

The cooler itself is of rather robust size with a side mounted fan.  The fan on the Intel model is a PWM speed controlled 92mm unit with a variable rate stated as 1000 ~ 2300RPM.  Our test unit however, had a max fan speed of 2400RPM which is no big deal just something to pass along.  Side mounted fans on LGA775 coolers are always welcome as they can be mounted in such a way as to blow air toward a rear case fan or the power supply to exhaust warm air out of you system.


Turning the Silent Whisper to one side we get an excellent view of the large amount of convection area provided by the aluminum convection fins.  The fins are held in place by three copper 6mm heatpipes per side.  Actually, it's three heatpipes that are bend as to have their midsection pass through the base.  You don't find too many heatpipe coolers around for $13.  Very nice.




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