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ThermalRight Ultra 120 eXtreme Cooler

Manufacturer: ThermalRight
Supplied by: Sidewinder Computers
Street Price: $60

by Dean Barker (6/26/2007)



Words like 'Ultra' and 'Extreme' set forth in a product's name are a bold statement.  Given that the manufacturer is ThermalRight, with a rich history of high quality performance oriented coolers, give these words force.  Looking to improve on their flagship cooler, the Ultra 120, ThermalRight took their very successful existing design and added in two more heatpipes.  In the stroke of a designer's pen, ThermalRight took their four heatpipe Ultra 120 cooler to an entirely new level.  Now with six heatpipes, a tower of thin aluminum fins coupled with a high volume/low noise 120mm fan, the Ultra 120 cooler truly looks eXtreme.   Today, thanks to Sidewinder Computers we have an opportunity to look at this beast in all its splendor.


  • Application: Intel LGA775, AMD AM2 and AMD Socket 753/939/940

  • Observed dimensions: 132 x 65 x 163mm

  • Observed Weight: 777gms

  • Fan: Not included

  • Construction: Nickel plated aluminum

  • SIX heatpipes

What you get

The ThermalRight Ultra 120 eXtreme comes in a nondescript brown box with a bold label of Extreme along the top.  Inside we find the immensely large Ultra 120 eXtreme and a full compliment of mounting hardware.  Like most of ThermalRight's products, the Ultra 120 eXtreme is designed to fit all current AMD and Intel applications to include LGA775, AMD Socket 753/939/940 and AMD AM2 based motherboards.  If you have an AMD AM2 board you will need an AM2 metal back plate which is sold separately.  Also, as with all large coolers, be sure to check ThermalRight's motherboard compatibility list before you make a purchase.

The second Kong

From base to the heatpipe's tip is a massively tall 163mm.  With that kind of height, the end user would be prudent in measuring from their socket to where a case side panel will attach to ensure their is plenty of clearance.  This mainly is for folks with side mounted blow holes but better safe than sorry given the vast array of different sized cases on the market now.  The front and the side shots below also give you an idea of the incredible amount of surface area the Ultra 120 eXtreme offers.  These thin aluminum fins promise to whisk heat away in a big way.  You can also see how the fins are turned on the ends with one side arced down and the opposing side arced upwards.  This channeling helps increase the velocity of air moving across the fins provided by whatever fan you select.


Below is a closer look at the partial folding or bending of the convection fins we just mentioned.




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by Navin Amarasuriya

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