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Thermaltake Aquarius III Water Cooling Kit

Manufacturer: Thermaltake Technology
Supplied by: Thermaltake Technology
Street Price: $249

By Dean Barker (12/23/2003)



Water cooling kits have come a long way over the past two years.  The individual components and their application varies little from kit to kit now insofar as the basic design.  Corsair broke that mold earlier in the year with their HydroCool 200 which was the one of the first true external water cooling unit to hit the streets.  The Koolance units are external of course, but they have a footprint the size of a case and generally are mounted on top of a case.  Both the HydroCool and the Aquarius III are much smaller rectangular units that are just as much at home on top of a box as they are sitting beside your monitor.  We had an opportunity to see the HydroCool in action in New Orleans at the Chaintech event in May and were impressed to say the least.  Thermaltake has taken the idea of an external water cooling unit and put a lot of spit and polish on it to bring the Aquarius III to the shelves and on the wish list of many a tinkerer.

The Aquarius III sports the same sharp blue and silver looks of the blue Tt Xaser III case.  With three displays and a fan speed control mounted up front, the Aquarius III seems to be more than just a pretty paint job.  Let' start off with some specs.


  • Application: Intel P4, AMD K7, AMD K8

  • Central Unit Dimensions: 135 (H) x 191 (W) x 312mm (D)

  • Weight: 4.3kg

  • Construction: Aluminum

  • Power Consumption: 3.5 - 7.7w

  • Radiator: Sixty-six fin copper construction

  • Radiator Fan: Adjustable speed 80 x 80 x 32mm (2100 ~ 5500 RPM / 21dBA ~ 48dBA)

  • Water-block: Copper construction (silver colored) 15.5 (H) x 55 (W) x 65mm (D)

  • Water-block weight: .54kg

  • Waterlines: 5' Silicon construction 3/8" OD

  • Power cable: 5' length nine pin line

  • Front Panel: CPU and water temperature back-lighted monitor, Fan speed monitor, Fan speed controller

What you get

The Aquarius III kit comes in a rather large 14" x 14" x 11" box.  Within this you find the main Aquarius III unit as well as a component box.  Inside the component box we have mounting hardware for Intel's P4/AMD K7/AMD K8 CPUs, water block, two five foot lengths of 3/8" OD tubing, reservoir, coolant, thermal tape, a power line and a very detailed manual.




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