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Thermaltake Symphony Water Cooling Kit

Manufacturer: Thermaltake Technology
Supplied by: Thermaltake Technology
MSRP: $280

by Dean Barker (7/21/2005)



Over the years, we've looked at our fair share of water cooling kits and have read countless other reviews done elsewhere.  In all that time, I have never been wow'd like I have been with the new Thermaltake Symphony.  Why would I be wow'd you ask?  As you will soon see, the Thermaltake Symphony is no ordinary water cooler.  The radiator/pump assembly is enclosed in an external unit measuring over a meter tall.  Thermaltake's marketing slogan for the Symphony is "Graceful liquid cooling for the living room."  Aiming at a home entertainment novelty centerpiece look that is indeed very functional, Thermaltake is clearly looking to mainstream water cooling more so than ever before.  With that said, let's break down the Thermaltake Symphony for you HTPC and enthusiast types alike.  Special thanks go to Imei over at Thermaltake for making this review possible.


  • Application: Intel P4 Socket 775, P4 Socket 478, AMD K8, AMD K7

  • Cooling assembly observed dimensions: 1100 x 105 x 150mm, Base - 304mm diameter

  • Cooling assembly construction: Aluminum

  • Cooling fans: Five 120mm 1400 RPM fans rated at 16dBA

  • Dual DC 12V Water Pump (90 L/hr)

  • Cooling assembly observed weight: 5.8kg

  • Water block observed dimensions: 15 x 59 x 59mm

  • Water block construction: Copper

  • Water block observed weight: 371 gms

  • Quick connect non-spill hose connections

What?  No Customs sticker!?

A good number of the products that show up here at the Penthouse Labs for review are from overseas.  It is far from uncommon to see a package that has been opened and labeled "Inspected by US Customs."  Surprisingly, the Thermaltake Symphony wasn't.  I say this because the box was monstrously big.  Big as in it was 1200 x 368 x 406mm in size.  The small orange square you see sitting on top is an 80mm case fan to give you an idea of scale.

What you get

Opening up our box, we did not find any stowaways.  We did find the huge Tt Symphony Cooling Tower; four long lengths of 1/2" OD hosing; universal mounting hardware for Intel P4 LGA775, P4 478, AMD K8 and K7; 500ml of UV reactive coolant and refill bottle; numerous clamps, hose connectors, power cables, a well laid out manual and a solid copper water block.




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by Navin Amarasuriya

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