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Thermaltake V14AX CPU Cooler

Manufacturer: Thermaltake Technology
Supplied by: Thermaltake Technology
MSRP: $59.99

by Dean Barker (3/15/2009)



Thermaltake continues to release coolers that not only push back the envelope in raw performance but also design.  The first Thermaltake fan shaped cooler was the Tt V1 Cooler.  This style of cooler incorporates two sets of convections fins spreading out from the base like some type of futuristic hand fan held by a robotic geisha.  Sandwiching a case fan in between allows for an extremely low restriction air flow to pass over the cooling fins.

Never one to leave a good design alone, Thermaltake has taken the V1 Cooler a step further.  Increasing the overall size of the V1 some 12% and swapping out the 110 x 25mm fan for a 140 x 30mm number.  It seems clear that the notion of bigger is better crept into the R&D lab from somewhere.  Today, we are fortunate enough to have a bang at Thermaltake's new cooler with a proven design lineage.  First up are the white papers.


  • Application: Intel Socket LGA775, AMD Socket AM2/AM2+

  • Observed Dimensions: Fan Structure 166mm x 100 x 162mm

  • Observed Weight: 630 gms

  • Construction: Aluminum fins / Copper base

  • Fan Size: 140 x 30mm Blue LED

  • Fan Speed: Variable rate 1000 ~ 1600 RPM

  • Fan Noise: 16 ~ 24 dBA

  • Single three pin connector

  • Onboard rheostat

Do you have a permit for that sir?

The Thermaltake V14AX cooler commands attention with its sheer size.  To put things in perspective; its square shelf package measures some 203 x 129 x 272mm.  That's a 10.5" tall box for goodness sake!  But as you can see below the V14AX really offers a sizeable amount of surface area for cooling.  There are 98 convection fins in each fin bank.  These fins are held in place by two rows of stamped and folded aluminum lips holding things together on each side as well as six heatpipes.


Looking at the full frontal view you can see how four heatpipes are on the right side providing support at two points, one low and one high.  The two heatpipes coming off the left side bend inward and through the convection fins about halfway up.  Spreading out the heatpipes in this manner not only provides a solid structural feel about the V14AX but also allows the heatpipes room to dissipate heat to the surrounding fins for maximum efficiency.




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by Navin Amarasuriya

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