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Corsair 1GB PC2 5400 Pro DDR2

Manufacturer: Corsair
Supplied by: Corsair
Street Price: $400

by Brian Tiller (9/24/2004)


A few weeks ago we took some Corsair DDR2 and DDR for a test spin just to see what the difference in basic performance was. We came to the conclusion that while there was no significant performance difference in using it, DDR2 did offer quite a bit more headroom for overclocking and much more future potential. Today we're going to see just how much we can squeeze out of our DDR2 memory using a brand new motherboard built for overclocking.


  • Speed: 675MHz

  • Timings: 4-4-4-12 @1.9volts

  • Platinum Heatspreader w/Activity LED's

  • Matched pairs of 512MB

  • Lifetime Warranty

It's operating speed is a whopping 675MHz which is heads and shoulders above what DDR offers, but can it actually reach that high, or even higher? That's what we intend to find out. And the best part about this is that this is the first of the DDR2 to be introduced, which means that it only gets faster from here on out.




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