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Mushkin PC3200 LII V2 Enhanced Memory

Manufacturer: Mushkin
Supplied by: Mushkin
Street Price: $320 

by Dean Barker  (10/11/2004)


There are two basic performance memory shoppers out there, the tight timing group and the high speed group.  We reviewed some DDR550 (PC4400) here some months back that gave us a 1:1 CPU/DDR ratio at 275MHz.  While this memory was great, if you had an AMD rig, that generally won't give you the same high reach as a P4, you would end up with a lot of rubber you just couldn't get to the road.  With the 200MHz bus still reigning supreme, there continues to be a high demand for tight timing DDR400 (PC3200) memory.  Mushkin has produced several low latency products over the years.  Today, we are fortunate enough to have a look at the version II of their low latency PC3200 DIMMs, the 1GB Dual Pack (2x512MB) PC3200 2-2-2 LII V2.

As we noted in the introduction, there is a large market of people that are looking for low latency memory products.  My AMD LAN box is no slouch but it isn't going to overclock to a 250MHz bus, much less above.  Since I can't have high speed, I want tight timings.  Lots of folks have the same desire as myself hence all the attention to the 2-2-2 market.  Mushkin's PC3200 V2 Enhanced sticks don't leave much to be desired as they give you 2-2-2-5 timing right out of the box.  Let's look at the Mushkin DIMMs themselves.

Black on black is always cool.  These DIMMs definitely fit the bill as they are covered with black aluminum heatspreaders that make me think of Mad Max's car at first glance.  Centered on the heatspreader is Mushkin's name and "Enhanced Memory" in raised letters.  A small sticker is on one side further identifies the DIMM as a 512mb PC3200 LII V2 stick of Mushkin Enhanced Memory.


The jet black six layer PCB of the Mushkin further make a statement that is all business.

After we removed the heatspreaders we found that Mushkin selected Samsung K4H560838F-TCCD chips.  In plain English, these are 4ns CL3 DDR500 ICs.  What is nice here is that not only do we get the super tight timing right out of the package but if you like you can loosen the timings and quite likely run at DDR500 speeds.  Rest assured, we will explore this. 



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