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OCZ Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse

Manufacturer: OCZ Technology
Supplier: OCZ Technology
Street Price: $40

by Dean Barker  (3/27/2007)


OCZ has long been known for tailoring products to specific niches.  With their foray into the laser gaming mouse arena they hold true to form.  Many of us know from first hand experience how sensitive laser gaming mice are.  If you haven't tried one out, you owe it to yourself to see what you are missing.  These mice are so sensitive that they are the weapon of choice at most LANs and for good reason.

OCZ has taken an already high end laser gaming mouse with an existing repertoire of features and added in two more.  The first of these is a choice of size.  Notebook folks like smaller more portable products, so OCZ jumped right in with a performance mouse scaled down in size just for them to compliment a larger standard sized unit offered separately.  The second big draw is the addition of a sixth button on the mouse called the "Triple Threat Button" when pressed in a first person shooter game, it fires a three round burst.  How's that for adding in a few custom tailored features for gamers.  Today, thanks to OCZ, we have the smaller notebook sized Equalizer Gaming Mouse on deck for a closer look.

What you get

Opening up the box we find the contents of the OCZ Equalizer package are limited but hey, it's a mouse.  You get the mouse (of course), software on a CD to enable and take advantage of all its features, a package of eight extra slick mouse feet and an installation manual.

The Equalizer

OCZ gets high marks in the design department right off.  The dull electric blue on black color scheme goes together like peas and carrots.  The blue has a subdued reflective quality that doesn't come out well in the pics below, but this coloring adds flash without being overpowering.



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