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AData MyFlash USB Fingerprint Drive

Manufacturer: AData
Supplied by: Brando Workshop
Price: $120.00

by Brian Tiller (6/26/2006)


Portable storage has been of the mainstays of the tech industry since the inception of the personal computer. From the beginning with those old floppy disks (5 1/4" jobbers) to today's multi-GB portable hard drives, information has always been on the move. Thumb drives are perhaps today's most versatile and effective way of transporting large files with a minimum of fuss. Computer techs the world over love these things because they allow us to have on hand multiple repair and diagnostic tools. I personally use multiple different thumb drives at work, and they have saved me both time and trouble numerous times.

But what about security? If you travel a lot and use a thumb drive to carry important files, then you could be up a creek if you misplace it or it's stolen. And let's face it, these things are small and easy to lose track of. Thanks to the folks at Brando Workshop we have a neat little thumb drive here that may be the answer to your security prayers. The AData MyFlash USB Fingerprint drive utilizes biometric software to help keep your files secure.


  • Size: 66mm x 24mm x 9mm

  • Weight: 15g

  • USB 2.0

  • Supported OS: MS Windows 2000 (SP4), XP, Windows 98 w/included driver

  • Capacity: 2GB

  • Speed: 11MB/s read, 10MB/s write

  • Fingerprint or password security software

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Bundled software with fingerprint security

The Unit:

In addition to the drive, AData also included an extension cable and driver CD for Windows 98. I love having that extension cable with me, as most office machines do not have front USB ports.

The drive CD is one of those mini jobbers and it also has a nice big .pdf manual with plenty of screen shots to help you along.

The drive itself is pretty unobtrusive looking. Just plain Jane white with no markings or stickers proclaiming the company logo or anything else. 


One thing I definitely like is the large size of the cap covering the USB connection. No worries about this falling off and being lost. The cap also covers the fingerprint sensor. Just above the fingerprint sensor is a small indicator arrow telling you which way to sweep your finger for identification.



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