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Cooler Master Storm Sentinel Gaming Mouse

Manufacturer: Cooler Master
Supplied by: Cooler Master
Price: TBA

by Dean Barker (9/20/2009)


Last week, Cooler Master released a little jewel to the hardware community in the form of a high performance mouse.  We don't do a lot of mouse reviews here so before I got started I had to consider, what makes a good mouse.  Well, it has to feel good, that's a given.  It has to track well and be precise.  Customization of a few macros would do be a nice bonus.  Smooth movement across a mouse pad is another overlooked feature.  These and a few other items danced around in my head until, a small package arrived at my door from Cooler Master.  Opening things up, it was as if Cooler Master had read my mind and even pulled some of the thoughts that never even made it out of my unconsciousness as well.

The new Cooler Master Sentinel Advance Gaming Mouse sports features that any pro-gamer would be satisfied with.  This dual laser mouse scans at up to 5600 dpi letting you shift on the fly at any level up to that point.  It also has 64k of onboard memory to hold any scripts or macros you want to program in.  There are a number of useable features and some slick looking aesthetics on the Cooler Master Sentinel.  Let's dive in so I can show you just how well Cooler Master did their homework on this.


  • Color: Black

  • Material: Rubber covered ABS plastic

  • Weight: 161.5gms

  • Sensor: 5600 dpi twin programmable laser sensors

  • Independent X & Y programmable axis

  • Form Factor: Right handed ergonomic

  • Onboard memory: 64k

  • Programmable buttons: Eight

  • Programmable lighting and effects

  • Balancing system: Five 4.5gm removable weights

  • USB 2.0 with gold plated connector

  • Two year warranty

What you get

Enclosed in the Cooler Master Sentinel Gaming Mouse package was the mouse a driver disk and an odd looking expansion slot cover.  In reviewing the package, the odd expansion slot cover is actually a anti-theft device called the "Storm Guard."  The way it works is you pass the USB cable of the Sentinel through a couple of the cutouts which ends up locking the mouse in place.  Assuming your case is locked while you're at a LAN, someone can't just slide by, sticky fingers like and snatch up for top shelf mouse.  Ingenious little feature.

The Sentinel

Cooler Master's Sentinel has the size and ergonomic shape that I'm used to with the higher end Logitech and Microsoft mice.  The black thin rubber coated exterior provides for a good comfortable grip.  Assuming you are right handed, the size and shape feel quite natural.


Eight programmable buttons are present with the first two shown above.  These two thumb buttons default as to move IE forward and back a page.  The remaining six are shown below.  The default functions of the left and right main mouse button is standard with a scroll wheel situated between the two.  The two above and one below function to control the shift on the fly dpi sensitivity of the Sentinel.  There is a plastic window above the scroll and side by side middle buttons that displays the current dpi setting.

As we mentioned earlier the Sentinel has adjustable sensitivity up to 5600 dpi.  Aside from the stability this offers, this twin laser set up provides the ultimate in precision.  This is adjustable in four main preselected settings or to the users taste.  One nice thing is the ability to adjust the dpi on the X axis and Y axis independently.  Folks with multiple monitors needing a bit more speed from left to right will appreciate this function.





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by Navin Amarasuriya

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