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Enermax  EG375AX-VE Noisetaker

Manufacturer: Maxpoint/Enermax
Supplied by: Maxpoint/Enermax
Estimated Price: $63.00

by Brian Tiller (4/08/2004)


While all of the components in your computer are important to it's function, some of them are more important than others. If you've got the best kick butt sound card money can buy, but you're trying to play UT2004 on a GF2, sound isn't going to matter much. 

One such component that can often be overlooked for it's importance is the power supply. When people describe their computers, how often do you here them say what kind of PSU they are running? With today's power hungry components, a strong steady flow of voltage is extremely important for not only the proper operation of the computer, but also for the life of the individual components. 

Enermax has been producing power supplies for the computer industry longer than I can remember. In fact, the first power supply I ever bought was an Enermax 300W and it still works just fine. What we get the chance to review today is their newest offering, the EG-375AX-VE Noisetaker. While clean consistent power is important, many people don't like the noise that loud PSU's produce, hence the competition to produce a solid unit which is also very quiet.


  • 370 watts

  • Smart Fan

  • SATA connectors

  • Supports P4 and AMD, to include the Intel Prescott, and AMD Athlon64 platforms

  • Manual and automatic fan control

  • Copper shielded

  • Dual fans

  • Extra power connector for GPU

  • Separate 12V rails

Included with the PSU are the power cord and a pretty decent manual. Why do I say pretty decent manual? Simple, while the installation of a PSU is easy enough that even I can do it without directions, it's still nice to have product specifications and diagrams to look at.


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