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Kingwin 1000w Mach 1 Power Supply

Manufacturer: Kingwin
Supplied by: Kingwin
Street Price: $265 (USD)

by Dean Barker (7/20/2008)


Power requirements for processors and video cards remain high.  As such power supplies have become a central part of any system that are now being given the attention needed.  No longer can someone afford to drop a $25 bargain power supply in their system because a) your high end components may not like it if the power delivery isn't clean resulting in performance issues and b) why put your system at risk?  I can tell you from an expensive personal experience that a power supply failing has the ability to take lots of other components with it when it goes.  I lost a nice ASUS board and a processor a couple of years back over an issue like this.

Kingwin continues to offer a selection of very competitively priced products with a reputation of excellent craftsmanship and support.  Today, we have Kingwin's 1000 watt Mach 1 power supply on deck complete with features, SLI/Crossfire Ready and a nice price that will surely draw lots of interest.  Thanks go out to Kingwin for sponsoring this review today, so let's jump right in.


  • Power: 1000 watts

  • Dimensions: 181 x 150 x 86mm

  • Construction: Nickel plated steel

  • Gold coated output connectors

  • Fan (s): Blue LED 140mm bottom mounted fan

  • Over voltage protection: +5V output is between 5.7V to 6.5V/+12V output is between 13.2V to 14.4V/+3.3V output is between 3.7V to 4.1V

  • Under voltage protection: +5V output is between 3.3V to 3.7V/+12V output is between 8.5V to 9.5V/+3.3V output is between 2.0V to 2.4V

  • Overpower protection: 105%~150%

  • Six 12 volt rails

  • Connectors: SATA x 8; PCI-E x 2; PCI-E (8-pin) x 2; 4-Pin Molex x 8; FDD connectors x 1; 8 pin AUX; 4 pin AUX

  • All cables modular and sleeved with EZ-Grip Molex connectors

  • SLI / CrossFire ready

  • 80 Plus Bronze Efficiency Certified

What you get

Not a whole lot in the way of extras here, but this is a power supply.  The included modular cables coming packaged up neat and tidy is a nice touch.  We also find the obligatory power cord and mounting screws.  But not ordinary mounting screws, gold colored thumb screws.  Very nice.






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