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Kingwin 1220w Mach 1 Power Supply

Manufacturer: Kingwin
Supplied by: Kingwin
Street Price: $330 (USD)

by Dean Barker (8/18/2008)


It's not too often that the majority of folks need more than a 800 watt power supply.  Anything over this threshold generally is for high end systems and will use that extra power for multiple video cards, demanding processors and multiple hard drives.  The power demands of say two Radeons HD4870s in Crossfire or three GeForce GTX280 cards in triple SLI is a perfect example of this.  High end systems need high end power supplies to not only operate properly but to ensure that your components are safe.  I've had a bad power supply in the past take out a motherboard; can you imagine the tears shed if that happened and took out three $500 video cards?  Clean reliable power is critical to performance and stability.

Kingwin has expanded their Mach 1 Power Supply line over the past year to offer quality units with a number of features separating them from the competition.  Today, we have Kingwin's newest and largest output power supply they have made to date, the Kingwin 1220 watt Mach 1.  Kingwin has seen fit to send over their new 1220 watt Mach 1 power supply for us to look over.  Thanks go out to Kingwin for sponsoring this review.


  • Power: 1220 watts

  • Observed Dimensions: 182 x 150 x 87mm

  • Construction: Nickel plated steel

  • Gold coated output connectors

  • Fan (s): Blue LED 140mm bottom mounted fan

  • Over voltage protection: +5V output is between 5.7V to 6.5V/+12V output is between 13.2V to 14.4V/+3.3V output is between 3.7V to 4.1V

  • Under voltage protection: +5V output is between 3.3V to 3.7V/+12V output is between 8.5V to 9.5V/+3.3V output is between 2.0V to 2.4V

  • Overpower protection: 105%~150%

  • Six 12 volt rails

  • Connectors: SATA x 8; PCI-E x 2; PCI-E (6+2 pin) x 2; 4-Pin Molex x 8; FDD connectors x 1; 8 pin AUX; 4 pin AUX

  • All cables modular and sleeved with EZ-Grip Molex connectors

  • Aircraft style modular connectors

  • SLI / CrossFire ready

  • 80 Plus Bronze Efficiency Certified

What you get

Opening up our package that weighed in at over nine pounds we found the Kingwin Mach 1 1220w PSU, a wide assortment of modular cables, power cord, small manual and four thumb screws.  The modular power cables have aircraft style screw locks that have a decidedly clean and pro look about them.

The Unit

The 1220 watt Mach 1 sports a flat black paint job that says its all business.  Size wise, we measured the unit to be 182 x 150 x 87mm making it not much larger than a standard power supply.  Many of you have seen the 200 or even 220mm long power supplies whose large size can really cause trouble in some cases with top mounted blow holes.  A large 140mm blue LED cooling fan is mounted on the underside of the 1220w Mach 1 for cooling.  This will give a significant amount of air flow to keep the gold colored internal heatsinks seen under the fan's finger guard cool.  The fan's speed is controlled by a thermal sensor inside the power supply increasing fan speed and cooling power as the internal heat rises.





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