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Kingwin T-01B Thunder Cold Cathode

Manufacturer: Kingwin
Supplied by: Kingwin
Price: TBA

By Dean Barker (10/20/2003)


Every once in a while we get a fun little surprise.  The good folks from Kingwin sent word they were sending over one of their new cold cathode case lights over.  My first thought was ok, another CCFL or maybe a bubble light.  I was quite a bit off base.  Upon opening up the box and playing with the new Kingwin Thunder Light, I quickly discovered it was a plasma light.  When I say plasma, I mean that the current going through the light tube produces some unusual effects that seems like you have some lightning caught in a tube.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  But if you give us a second we'll show you the unit first then what it does.

When you open the Kingwin Thunder box you find what appears to be a standard CCFL lamp, a power adapter, a PCI/AGP slot bracket with an on/off switch and two pieces of double sided tape.

The power adapter and the lamp ends are both made of a translucent blue plastic.  The underside of the adapter has a large piece of 3M double sided tape so you can stick it most anywhere you like.  Two smaller pieces of double sided tape are also included so you can attach you lamp in a variety of positions within your case.  The Kingwin Thunder measures 13" in length which superficially would turn someone off to a case light because that type of length limits where you can mount it.  In the case of the Kingwin Thunder, you will want it in view if at all possible.  The Thunder is offered in blue, red, green or a tri-color model of all three.  A flavor for most any taste.




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