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OCZ ProXStream 1000w PSU review

Manufacturer: OCZ Technology
Supplier: OCZ Technology
Street Price: $330

by Dean Barker  (4/07/2007)


It stands to reason: a more powerful system needs more power to run it.  OCZ's newest power supply, the ProXStream has plenty of juice for the hardest of the hardcore.  1000 watts... A kilowatt... whichever way you refer to it, that's a lot of juice.  Aside from the vast array of connectors, what really stands out is the ProXStream's size.  The ProXStream is not a gigantic supersized unit as you may assume but rather a compact package you can install in the tightest of HTPCs or midtower rigs. 

Today, we are fortunate enough to have one of OCZ's kilowatt ProXStream units on the bench thanks to OCZ Technology.  So let's move ahead and see what this unit offers to you for your power needs and upgrade dollar.


  • Power Output: 1000 watts

  • Dimensions: 150 x 140 x 86mm

  • Internal 80mm cooling fan

  • Four PCI-E rails

  • Dual CPU support - provides 8-pin 12v dual CPU support

  • 20+4 pin ATX power connector

  • 4-pin and 8-pin AUX lines for ATX or EPS 12v V2.91 systems

  • Active PFC

  • Over voltage protection

  • Over current protection

  • Environmental protections compliant with WEEE and RoHS by Europe

  • 115Vac 60Hz / 230Vac 50Hz

  • +3.3v (28A), +5v (30A), +12v1 (20A), +12v2 (20A), +12v3(20A), +12v4 (20A)

  • Three year warranty

What you get

Being a power supply, don't be expecting any killer bundle here.  Just the basics, the OCZ 1000w ProXStream, power cord, manual and mounting screws.

Make Scotty proud

The ProXStream is a very basic looking unit.  Basic, until you realize that this power supply is a coffee and cigarette smoking sized 150 x 140 x 86mm.  There have been many many times that a pre-modded case or a smaller rig has said "no" to a power supply that exceeded 160mm in depth.  I can tell you from experience that this is something you don't think about until after your order shows up and you find you are 10mm too long.  My walls have some spackle in them from outbursts prompted by this type of thing.  At least that won't be a problem with the OCZ ProXStream.



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