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Sunbeam Nuuo 550w Power Supply SLI

Manufacturer: Sunbeam Technology
Supplied by: Sunbeam Technology
Street Price: $78

by Dean Barker (9/21/2005)



Power supply units are finally getting the attention they deserve from both the manufacturers and end users.  We all demand more than flashy "stuff" and a nice paint job on a PSU.  We want to see useful feature sets, performance and price hung in that all so delicate balance.  Sunbeam has released their Nuuo line of power supplies to address this very desire.  The Sunbeam Nuuo is a high output unit that is offered in 450 and 550 watt models.  The larger 550w unit has been rated by NVidia as SLI certified which is not exactly a gimmie certification.  But the Nuuo line brings much more than this to the table.  Let's jump right in and see what the Sunbeam Nuuo is all about.  Before we go too far, thanks go to Sunbeam Technology for making this review possible.


  • Observed Dimensions: 150 x 157 x 85mm

  • Power output: 550 watts

  • Colors: Blued Steel (aka gunmetal), Silver

  • Observed Weight: 3.2kg

  • Cooling: 80mm exhaust fan, 120mm intake (automatic fan speed control)

  • Fan control header and two thermal input sensor connections on rear

  • Modular power cable connections

  • (1) 500mm 24-pin ATX main power connector

  • (1) 650mm cable with three Molex power connectors

  • (2) 800mm cable with three Molex power connectors

  • (1) 600mm EMI shielded cable with one Molex connector

  • (2) 700mm cable with two SATA connectors

  • (1) 450mm 12v cable with dual 4-pin/8-pin connector

  • (1) 500mm EMI shielded cable with one PCI-E connector

  • (1) 150mm cable with two FDD connectors

  • (1) Molex to PCI-E adapter

  • 3.5" Bay insert with temperature display and fan controller

  • All lines wrapped in black braided webbing

  • One PCI Express and one Molex line EMI shielded

  • Active Power Correction Factor

What you get

Upon opening up the Sunbeam Nuuo package (I guess the Killer Whale found on the outer box is the Nuuo's moniker) we found a neatly organized package containing the Nuuo 550w PSU, black mesh sheathed cables, 3.5" LCD display, hardware and a well laid out instruction manual.  What was nice to see right off the bat was the wide variety of lengths of modular cables.  Having the right length cable means A LOT at times.  More on that in a bit; let's look closer at our Nuuo 550w power supply unit itself.



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by Navin Amarasuriya

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