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SwissMemory USB Victorinox

Manufacturer: Swissbit
Supplied by: Swissbit
Street Price: TBA

by Dean Barker (6/20/2004)



Most everyone has heard of Victorinox.  These are the makers of the Swiss Army Knife.  The pocket knife that MacGyver would swear by because of all the different tools it has in addition to a small knife.  Well, Victorinox has taken their famous creation one step further, placing it squarely in the portable memory market.  The Swissbit SwissMemory USB Victorinox adds a USB thumb drive onto this pocket knife and in the process has made a very hip little product.  Thanks to the good people of Swissbit and Alavia we take a look at the newest must have in geek personal hardware.


  • Observed Dimensions: 60 (L) x 19 (W) x 17mm (H)

  • USB 2.0 Compliant

  • Observed weight: 34 gms

  • Color: Victorinox Red

  • OS Supported: WinXP, Win2000, WinME, Mac 9.0 or higher as plug and play - Win98/SE with driver

  • Memory size: 64mb and 128mb

  • Accessories (Extended Version): Knife, file, scissors, Red LED Pen Light, Blue Ball Point Pen

  • Accessories (Travel Safe Version): Red LED Pen Light, Blue Ball Point Pen

  • Max Read/Write speed: 1.0 mbps / .85 mbps

  • Internal battery for red LED pen light

  • Comes with USB extension cable

The unit

Measuring a mere 60 x 19 x 17mm closed, the SwissMemory Victorinox rates as a practical and very portable device.  Looking right at the heart of the unit we find the small compact flash storage device that folds in and out of the Victorinox.  A small plastic tab allows the compact flash unit to be locked in place.  Moving the locking tab back allows us access to the Swissbit memory device.  At present only the 64mb version is available but the 128mb version should be release by Fall. 


Fully extended, the Swissbit memory device only adds 40mm of length overall to the Victorinox.  As you can see, our test unit is the soon to be released 128mb variety.  The memory unit is easily detached from the Victorinox by a firm but not difficult snap.  This allows you to transport your data independent of the Victorinox should you be traveling through and airport.  Let me tell you now that you try and go through airport security with this unit, the security people will be fighting each other on who gets to "confiscate your contraband."  This is the reasoning behind there being two versions of the Swiss Memory device.  One has all the Victorinox expected goodies; knife, file, ball point pen, LED light while the other only has the ball point pen and LED light.


Here we see the other attachments on the extended version.  The blue ball point pen is extended via pushing the small grey tab in the center pic below forward.




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by Navin Amarasuriya

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